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Democrats to GOP: Screw you on health care

Democrats, sensing a defining political issue that could help them solidify their hold on national government, may abandon efforts to try and work out a deal with Republicans on a national health care plan.

Polls show most Americans want something done about the rising cost of health care and the inability of many to obtain insurance and if that means nationalizing the medical system, then so be it.

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Republicans call Obama ‘timid’ on Iran

Republican say President Barack Obama is "too timid" in his response to the growing unrest in Iran following disputed elections.

That's a politically-correct way of saying the President is a coward.

As the loyal opposition, Republicans are expected to oppose whatever action the President takes. If Obama were threatening to nuke Tehran, Republicans would be calling is actions "risky."

In other words, he can't win when it comes to pleasing the party of the elephant.

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Are Republicans dumping the Reagan legacy?

Now here's a twist: President Barack Obama often refers to former President Ronald Reagan in glowing terms while Republicans seem to be backing away from the man who used to be the symbol of the modern GOP.

The Reagan mystique sure ain't what it used to be -- at least when you listen to some Republican leaders.

Is this a case or reality overriding myth or simply practical politics of discarding a canard that no longer works.

Good question.

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GOP turns to buzz words to taunt Dems

Republicans are lining up behind a pointed political attack line: President Barack Obama is nationalizing American industry and socializing medicine.

Drawing on the government's ownership stakes in auto giants, insurance companies and banks — and the billions of tax dollars at risk — the GOP is trying to develop wedge issues in the national debate over how to repair the economy and expand health insurance.

It's a strategy they hope will pay off in campaigns for Congress next year and, in the process, help rein in Obama's outsized influence.

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Country lawyer whips Washington insider

A state senator and small-town lawyer pulled off a surprising win in Virginia's Democratic primary for governor, besting a former legislative colleague and the well-funded Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Tuesday's victory by Democrat Creigh Deeds sets up a rematch this fall with Republican Bob McDonnell.

Deeds lost to McDonnell in the race for attorney general four years ago by only 323 votes out of almost 2 million cast — the closest race in modern Virginia history.

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Honoring a lobbyist?

Lawmakers rarely shine a positive spotlight on lobbyists, much less publicly toast them and rave about their style on Capitol Hill.

But they did just that on Tuesday night for consumer advocate Joan Claybrook, who retired earlier this year as the head of the watchdog group Public Citizen. The organization held a dinner event in honor of her 27-year leadership.

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New Hampshire legalizes gay marriage

New Hampshire on Wednesday became the sixth U.S. state to authorize gay marriage, deepening a New England niche for same-sex weddings and the spending that comes with them.

New Hampshire's Democratic-controlled House of Representatives endorsed gay marriage in a 198-176 vote, hours after the state Senate approved the legislation 14-10 along party lines, making the state the fourth this year to back gay marriage in the United States.

Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, signed the bill, which goes into effect on January 1.

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Colin Powell fires back at GOP critics

Moderate Republicans to conservative Republicans: Turn down the volume — especially on Rush Limbaugh — and open your minds. The party's future might be at stake.

Such warnings about the GOP's right wing, along with finger wagging about a "shrill" and "judgmental" tone, marked the moderate response in the latest back-and-forth within the Republican Party.

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Republicans target Pelosi’s doublespeak

Republicans aren't letting this one slide.

The GOP has seized on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's accusation that the CIA lied about using waterboarding on terrorism suspects, contending that the California Democrat's remarks have demoralized the intelligence community. House Republicans on Thursday demanded that a bipartisan panel investigate her allegations.

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