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Bill Richardson bails out on the Clintons

So much for the importance of experience, past alliances and consistency as major factors in the selection of a presidential candidate, at least as far as Bill Richardson is concerned. It seems that in the New Mexico governor's political handbook, opportunism trumps nearly everything, including loyalty.
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Memo to GOP: Focus on right, not Wright

Hillary Rodham Clinton has reason to be a happy camper. Over recent days, for the first time in months, she has moved significantly ahead of Barack Obama in Gallup's national polling. And, defying Milton Friedman's famous dictum that there is no such thing as a free lunch, she's made these gains at no cost.
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For Clinton to win, she has to cheat

Hillary Rodham Clinton's plan to win the Democratic nomination for President are fueled by a campaign strategy built on fantasy and illusion and based on a program of lies and myth. Her own campaign advisers admit privately that Clinton has virtually no chance of winning because she cannot, under even the most optimistic scenario, overcome Barack Obama's lead in pledged delegates.
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