Jim Carville’s hatchet job

Political insiders don’t make good comedians. James Carville — the lethal-mouthed one-time Bill Clinton campaign strategist — was often a naughty exception.

Take his classic quip. “Pennsylvania has Philly on the east, Pittsburgh on the west and Alabama in between.”

Maybe Obama should drop out of the race

Here’s a statement you’re hearing all over the place: one of the Democratic presidential candidates should drop out of the race. Here’s a suggestion you’ll hear nowhere else: Why shouldn’t that person be Sen. Barack Obama?

The Wright stuff

The same pundits who declared John McCain dead and Hillary Clinton inevitable are now saying Barack Obama has weathered the storm over his association with Jeremiah Wright. Color me skeptical. The reason? Tiger Woods.

Lee Hamilton set to endorse Obama

Former Indiana Rep. Lee Hamilton is backing Sen. Barack Obama in an endorsement that could boost the presidential hopeful’s national security standing, The Associated Press has learned.

Hamilton, who during a three-decade House career rose to be chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Intelligence committees, also was vice chairman of the Sept. 11 commission. He planned to announce his endorsement of Obama on Wednesday.

Clinton’s ‘deadbeat’ campaign stiffs vendors

Angry vendors, stiffed by the financially-strapped Presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton, warn others to avoid doing business with the New York Senator, calling her and her organization “deadbeats” and saying they may have to sue to get paid.

No more cowboy talk

Republican nominee-apparent John McCain is at increasing pains to show that his presidency would not be a third term of George W. Bush’s presidency. And, in a major speech on foreign policy, he emphasized that his administration would substantially differ in tone and outlook. He would not be the go-it-alone cowboy as Bush has been caricatured by foreign leaders.

Words matter in campaigns and in Iraq

The relative power of words, as opposed to actions, has been a recurring theme in the Democratic nomination contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Republicans are being tripped up by their own words, as well. A principle emerges, one dear to the heart of every English teacher: Words matter, just as much as actions, and sometimes they matter more.

Democratic mess helps McCain

John McCain’s standing in the presidential race grows stronger each day as he benefits from the increasingly personal and extraordinarily protracted Democratic nomination fight between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Not that he will publicly recognize his advantage.

Women upset over Clinton’s treatment

Debra Starks has heard the calls for Hillary Rodham Clinton to quit the presidential race, and she’s not happy about it.

The 53-year old Wal-Mart clerk, so bedecked with Clinton campaign buttons most days that friends call her “Button Lady,” thinks sexism is playing a role in efforts to push the New York senator from the race. Starks wants Clinton to push back.

For Democrats, election turns into nightmare

For all their delight in soaring voter registration and strong poll numbers, some Democrats fear the contest between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton might have a nightmarish end, which could wreck a promising election year.