Pregnant woman tale: part truth, part lie

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has stopped telling a story of a pregnant woman’s medical tragedy after an Ohio hospital challenged its accuracy last weekend.

But recent accounts of the episode have omitted key details that suggest there was more truth in the essence of Clinton’s tale than her critics, and even her presidential campaign, have acknowledged.

Penn admits his resignation was a sham

Mark Penn, the highly-paid “senior strategist” fired from the embattled Presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton over the weekend, told his company Monday that the whole thing is a sham and that he is still a major player in the faltering organization.

Penn, in a conference call with Burson Marsteller managing directors, said the whole thing was nothing more than a name change.

McCain continues to ignore the obvious

Like the unpopular and discredited President he seeks to replace, presumptive GOP Presidential nominee John McCain continues to ignore reality about Iraq while claiming progress in that civil-war torn country,

In a speech prepared for delivery today, McCain will claim victory in Iraq is at hand — an assertion disputed by just about every military expert who does not depend on George W. Bush for his livelihood.

Penn out as Clinton’s chief advisor

Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s controversial chief strategist, quit Sunday amid reports that he lobbied for a Columbian free trade treaty that his boss publicly opposes.

Campaign sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that an angry Hillary Clinton told Penn to quit or be fired because revelations of his lobbying conflict was yet another blow to her faltering Presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton caught in another lie

Another often-told story by Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in her campaign stump speech turns out to be a fairy tale just like her claims of being “under fire” in Bosnia.

Seems her heart-wrenching story about an uninsured pregnant woman who lost her baby and died when a hospital refused treatment is long on hyperbole and short on facts.

Bill Clinton meltdown stuns super delegates

Former President Bill Clinton, in California to try and drum up support for his wife among that state’s Democratic super delegates, went into a blind rage behind closed doors and left many shaking their heads and wondering if the strain of watching Hillary go down in flames has taken his toll.

Democratic contenders slam GOP for job losses

Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pounced on the worst job loss figures in five years Friday to skewer John McCain over Republican policies they blame for deepening the economic mire.

White House hopefuls pay tribute to King

Republican and Democrat, black and white, the three remaining presidential candidates summoned memories of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., 40 years after his death on Friday and gently sought to advance their own strivings as they found greatness in his.

Clintons report mega-millions income

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Clinton reported $20.4 million in income for 2007 and more than $109 million since 2000 as they gave the public the most detailed look at their finances in eight years. Almost half the former first couple’s money came from his speeches.

The campaign released tax returns from 2000 through 2006 and gave highlights from their 2007 return. The Clintons have asked for an extension for filing their 2007 tax returns, citing the dissolution of a blind trust last year.

The Democratic presidential candidate and her husband paid $33.8 million in taxes from 2000 through 2007. They listed $10.25 million in charitable contributions during that period.

Voters no longer matter in election math

The current journal of the American Mathematical Society ponders the “disturbing reality” that the outcomes of our political elections have more to do with election rules than voters’ wishes.