Desperate Clinton plays race card…again

Hillary Clinton Tuesday revived the row over fiery racial rhetoric by Democratic foe Barack Obama’s former pastor, as she tried to dodge a storm over her overblown account of a 1996 trip to Bosnia.

With the White House race again consumed by bitterness, the New York Senator said she would have left the church had her pastor come out with remarks like those of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

4,000 reasons to remember Iraq is an issue

As a campaign issue, the Iraq war has been displaced by the economic damage done by irresponsible home-loan practices and ephemeral distractions like the oratorical excesses of Barack Obama’s pastor. Indeed, the war seems somewhere back on the shelf with immigration.

Bill’s semen stains become campaign issue

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky’s infamous semen-stained blue dress has emerged as a campaign issue in the increasingly dirty fight for the Presidency between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

An Obama supporter brought the dress into the campaign debate with a blog post that he later removed. He also continued the Obama attack line that former President Bill Clinton’s questions about the Illinois Senator’s patriotism brings McCarthyism into the Presidential campaign.

Clinton struggles to recover from Bosnia lies

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s boasts of national security experience were under the spotlight as aides rowed back from her claim that life-threatening sniper fire disrupted a 1990s trip to Bosnia.

Lies, damn lies and Hillary Clinton

Democratic Presidential pretender Hillary Rodham Clinton is drowning in her own sea of lies, undone by exaggerated claims of being under fire in Bosnia, waterlogged by her hype, murdered by her own mendacity.

After months of lying outright about being “under fire” in Bosnia during a visit while serving as First Lady, Clinton now tries to dismiss the gaffe as a “misstatement.”

Rev. Wright’s outrage is much needed honesty

When Geraldine Ferraro and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke out respectively on their behalf, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama may have wondered what they ever did to deserve such support.

Bill Richardson bails out on the Clintons

So much for the importance of experience, past alliances and consistency as major factors in the selection of a presidential candidate, at least as far as Bill Richardson is concerned. It seems that in the New Mexico governor’s political handbook, opportunism trumps nearly everything, including loyalty.

Sure seemed like a good idea at the time

Both Michigan and Florida this past week gave up on efforts to hold “do-over” Democratic primaries, dealing a setback to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nomination hopes and not doing much for the party’s self-image as a smooth and powerful political juggernaut.

Memo to GOP: Focus on right, not Wright

Hillary Rodham Clinton has reason to be a happy camper. Over recent days, for the first time in months, she has moved significantly ahead of Barack Obama in Gallup’s national polling. And, defying Milton Friedman’s famous dictum that there is no such thing as a free lunch, she’s made these gains at no cost.