Obama adviser faults Bill Clinton speech

Former President Clinton is using divisive tactics and unfairly trying to question Barack Obama’s patriotism, a retired general who has a prominent role in the Democrat’s campaign said Saturday.

For Clinton to win, she has to cheat

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s plan to win the Democratic nomination for President are fueled by a campaign strategy built on fantasy and illusion and based on a program of lies and myth.

Her own campaign advisers admit privately that Clinton has virtually no chance of winning because she cannot, under even the most optimistic scenario, overcome Barack Obama’s lead in pledged delegates.

Tensions build in Democratic Presidential race

Tensions between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rose again Saturday after the rival campaigns exchanged harsh words as Obama gained the backing of the country’s only Hispanic governor.

Obama has money; Clinton is almost broke

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton lived hand to mouth during the rush of presidential primaries while Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama outspent her and put money in the bank.

New Federal Election Commission reports show Obama raised at a clip of nearly $2 million a day in February, an open spigot of money that left him with $30 million in the bank for March.

Clinton had her best fundraising month as well, at $34.5 million. But counting her debts to vendors she ended with a net $3 million. And that’s not factoring the $5 million she lent her campaign and has not paid back.

Obama file breach: Personal or political?

As with most emerging political scandals, revelations that at least three contract employees of the State Department snooped into the passport records of Democratic Presidential frontrunner Obama raises more questions than it answers.

Bill Richardson endorses Barack Obama

New Mexico Gov. and former Presidential candidate Bill Richardson dealt Democratic contender Hillary Clinton a blow today by endorsing rival Barack Obama.

Clinton actively sought Richardson’s endorsement and former President Bill Clinton spent Super Bowl Sunday watching the game with Richardson and lobbying for an endorsement for his wife.

Good thing we don’t have to vote right now

We have learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s White House years were scheduled to the minute, studded with meetings and photo opportunities. But after her health-care fiasco, there were few policymaking sessions.

We now know that Barack Obama will not disavow his preacher, who out of anger asked God to “damn” America.