Words matter in campaigns and in Iraq

The relative power of words, as opposed to actions, has been a recurring theme in the Democratic nomination contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Republicans are being tripped up by their own words, as well. A principle emerges, one dear to the heart of every English teacher: Words matter, just as much as actions, and sometimes they matter more.

Democratic mess helps McCain

John McCain’s standing in the presidential race grows stronger each day as he benefits from the increasingly personal and extraordinarily protracted Democratic nomination fight between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Not that he will publicly recognize his advantage.

Women upset over Clinton’s treatment

Debra Starks has heard the calls for Hillary Rodham Clinton to quit the presidential race, and she’s not happy about it.

The 53-year old Wal-Mart clerk, so bedecked with Clinton campaign buttons most days that friends call her “Button Lady,” thinks sexism is playing a role in efforts to push the New York senator from the race. Starks wants Clinton to push back.

For Democrats, election turns into nightmare

For all their delight in soaring voter registration and strong poll numbers, some Democrats fear the contest between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton might have a nightmarish end, which could wreck a promising election year.

Obama: Clinton should not quit

Barack Obama refused Saturday to go along with other Democrats who are calling for Hillary Rodham Clinton to step away from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“My attitude is Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants,” Obama said.

The Clinton ego will not let Hillary quit

Amid an increasing tidal wave of calls for her to get the hell out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her equally adamant former President husband make a clear that they have no intention of dropping their bitter fight and intend to take it to the end, no matter how contentious or damaging to their party.

Democrats write the GOP campaign plan

It’s far too early to make predictions about the potentially ruinous impact on Democratic Party hopes caused by the increasingly acrimonious struggle between senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But if this thing drags on much longer, it is entirely possible that the eventual winner will be facing a Republican loaded with ammunition the Democrats helped provide.

New polls look bad for Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s positive rating has dropped to a new low of 37 percent in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released on Wednesday.

Obama tries to stem pastor fallout

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday sought to quell concerns over anti-American remarks by his former pastor, saying people are paying too much attention to a small number of “stupid” comments.

Promoting right-wing garbage

Last week, one of the contributors to the popular right-wing blog Instapunk posted a fascinating little essay on what’s wrong with black people.

The author’s critique, including racist epithets, featured the following insights: