Hillary for President of West Virginia

Columnist Marsha Mercer of Media General News Service has a novel idea on how to resolve the Democratic Presidential nomination nightmare: Just make Hillary Rodham Clinton President of West Virginia and get on with life.

Might not be a bad idea. West Virginia is, after all, it’s own little area with little in common with the rest of America. Give the state its own President and be done with it.

And maybe Hillary and West Virginia deserve each other.

Clinton’s women wonder ‘if’ and ‘when?’

Philipina Heintzman, 81, drove 80 miles across the South Dakota prairie to experience history in the making: a woman running for president, something she never dreamed as a child that she would live to see.

That event, a Hillary Rodham Clinton rally in Bath on Thursday, also marked history unraveling.

Obama heads for the finish line

Attempting to lay a symbolic claim to his party’s presidential nomination, Democrat Barack Obama will mark the latest round of primary voting with a rally in Iowa, where his solid win in January caucuses propelled him to his status as the front-runner.

Dead Senator becomes campaign issue

Being dead since 1940 hasn’t kept Idaho U.S. Sen. William Borah from being inserted squarely into 2008 presidential politics after Democratic candidate Barack Obama took issue with President Bush’s borrowing of a quote from Borah.

Huckabee’s bad-taste gun joke

Republican Mike Huckabee responded to an offstage noise during his speech Friday to the National Rifle Association by suggesting it was Barack Obama diving to the floor because someone had aimed a gun at him.

Florida, Michigan can’t save Clinton

Sorry, Sen. Clinton. Michigan and Florida can’t save your campaign. Interviews with those considering how to handle the two states’ banished convention delegates found little interest in the former first lady’s best-case scenario.

Her position, part of a formidable comeback challenge, is that all the delegates be seated in accordance with their disputed primaries.

Time to focus on real issues

I, for one, never want to see or hear of Barack Obama’s ex-preacher again. I will not countenance scurrilous talk about how John McCain adopted his daughter. I will protest vociferously any more stupid innuendo about Obama’s middle name. I may punch in the nose anyone who questions the state of the McCains’ marriage.

Edwards endorsement boosts Obama

Democratic front-runner Barack Obama has scored a coup in his White House nominating battle against Hillary Clinton by winning the high-profile endorsement of blue-collar champion John Edwards.

The ugly reality of racism

A telling point about white, working class voters and how some of them will vote when (and it looks like when, not if) Sen. Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee was made in an article in this week’s Washington Post.