Hillary stays publicly confident

Hillary Rodham Clinton was just warming up the crowd in a cramped and muggy middle school gymnasium when she switched her pronouns.

“All the kitchen table issues that everybody talks to me about are ones that the next president can actually do something about,” Clinton said Sunday night, “if he actually cares about it.”

The word hung in the air only for a moment.

Can McCain appeal to young voters?

He’s a Republican, for starters. He describes himself as “older than dirt.” And he makes no apology for an Iraq war that is especially unpopular on college campuses.

Doesn’t sound like a recipe for winning the hearts of young voters. And yet John McCain has vowed to make a serious play for the 18- to 29-year-old crowd that’s often identified with “Obama-mania.”

The Arianna vs. McCain side show

Did U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain vote for President George W. Bush in 2000?

Liberal Internet blogger Arianna Huffington says McCain told her he did not. But the Arizona senator says he did vote for Bush, a fellow Republican, in 2000 and campaigned for him all over the country after his own attempt to win the party’s nomination failed.

Feminists divided over Clinton, Obama

No constituency is more eager to see a woman win the presidency than America’s feminists, yet — despite Hillary Rodham Clinton’s historic candidacy — the women’s movement finds itself wrenchingly divided over the Democratic race as it heads toward the finish.

Is Obama getting a free ride?

It appears that Barack Obama has survived a tough couple of weeks. In the words of some, he’s shown that “he can take a punch.”

But, frankly, I think Senator Obama is still getting kid gloves treatment from a press corps that tilts left.

And now a word from the elite

Since when did “elite” become a pejorative word?

Hillary Rodham Clinton says she won’t be swayed from her idea of a summer gasoline-tax holiday by “elite opinion,” meaning the opinion of every serious economist who’s looked at the proposal.

Liberal gadfly Michael Moore chides the Democrats for “doing the bidding of the corporate elite in this country.”

Is Hillary still running to pay off debts?

Hillary Clinton’s faltering campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination is out of cash, short on hope and deeply in debt.

She has lent her campaign more than $11 million and may have to fork over more if she wants to stay in the raise.

Which brings up two questions: Can she afford to stay in the fight and, if she does, can she ever get her money back?

The people of Obama’s army

Kriss Riggs isn’t one to spend her money on politicians.

“Even the place you can donate a dollar on your taxes, I refuse to do it,” says the 60-year-old photographer from Blue River, Ore.

Likewise for Kate Schwartz, a 24-year-old marketing expert from Chicago. Past elections, she says, always seemed far removed from young people.

Obama plays ‘Beat the Press’

Perhaps Barack Obama’s competitive juices need new outlets now that he has expanded his lead over Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.

On a five-hour flight from Washington to Oregon late Thursday, the Illinois senator came to the back of his charter plane for a spirited word game against reporters, and it was clear he did not intend to lose.