Phil Hoskins

Enough Already

During these long six years of Junior’s Presidency I have patiently avoided calling for his removal. But it is time.

The crimes committed by this group of thugs are really unprecedented in our nation’s history. No other President has misled us into a war that not only was sold under false pretenses but then conducted in such a way to ruin both the nation attacked and our own.  No other President has used the death of 3,000 of our fellow citizens as cover for the rescinding of our Constitution.


Los Angeles is reputed to be the home to the largest number of “homeless” people in the United States. The favorable climate is one reason, another is that several cities have had public policies that tried to help the “street people” survive. Most such city policies have been rescinded and replaced with programs designed to get the homeless off the street.

Redistricting, Pelosi Style


The redrawing of district lines for state and national representation is one of the most time honored opportunities for political mischief. In 2002 we saw Tom Delay use his power to redraw congressional district lines in Texas providing the Republicans not only with the advantage in House elections in that state but also thereby giving his party the balance of power in the house of Representatives.

The News Media and Secrecy


Currently Frontline on PBS is in the middle of a four part series about the current state of the news media in our country. I highly recommend it. Last night’s episode focused on the relationship of the current “war on terror” and the right of the media to reveal information about government programs which search for information.

Selecting and electing


For a variety of reasons, we in the U. S. have developed some very strange rituals for the selection and election of our political representatives. We have pretty much guaranteed that we will get at best mediocre candidates and will elect those who lie to us the most effectively.

I always am torn between crediting the media for its slavish emphasis on the human foibles of candidates (and others) or tagging we the citizens with our short attention spans and penchant for the sensational rather than the substantive.

What Have You Done Lately?


It is axiomatic that “they” are corrupt, ineffective, liars, stupid or some combination thereof. Of course “they” are the people who hold elective or appointed offices. Opinion polls at all levels of government reflect this kind of negative view, albeit the closer to home the officeholder the better we tend to view their performance.

War on drugs is over: We lost


The “War on Drugs” has been going on for several decades now without any discernable benefit to either our country as a whole or the American people. It has produced this minimal benefit while exacting a very high price, both in terms of dollars spent and the toll on the lives of people caught up in its net.

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