Phil Hoskins

Protecting America

It is often the case that those who claim to be protecting our nation are the very most dangerous threats to the people and the principles upon which this nation was founded. Among the greatest of those threats are fundamentalism and globalism.

¡Viva America!

As Congress struggles to find a compromise on the issue of immigration, the population of the United States is growing increasingly, well, tan. The latest figures show that at least one third of us are other than European white and that portion will likely continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

What’s wrong with politicians?

Is there something fundamentally wrong with politicians? Do they start out life with a deficiency of ethics or does that come along as they rise in the ranks? Should voters simply not vote for anyone willing to run?

The not so intelligent design of evolution

Let the Luddites battle with the scientists among us about evolution vs. Intelligent Design. I say both are losing propositions. If what we have is the best an Intelligent Designer can come up with, we need a better Designer. If what we have is the best that natural selection can come up with, we are all doomed.

Morality and politics

The attempt to impose moral values upon political decisions has reach its apogee, and nadir during the Bush administration. But it has long been the case that one group claims to have the high moral ground and is therefore justified in telling the rest of us how to live and love. It is time to stop.

Hell of a job Alberto and the rest of a dreadful week

If this week showed us anything other than horror, frustration and despair, it might be the hope that things can only get better. Violent acts spanned the globe as humans prove over and over just how dangerous we are to ourselves and others.

What future?

The future for a politician is “until the next election.” For the average working stiff it is “until the next paycheck” of the next payment due date. Sometimes we take in a wider swath of time, but not often enough.

Prosecutors will be violated

Every time someone from the administration tries to justify the firing of the eight United States attorneys they seem to make matters worse.

The core explanation centers around "they serve at the pleasure of the president" equating the eight with flat out political hacks such as Karl Rove, the architect of extreme partisanship. This explanation is simplistic, deceptive and dissembling.

Is This the Smoking Gun?

We may have found out why U.S. Attorney Carol Lam was such a "problem" for the administration. Evidence points directly at Vice President Cheney as the one with the problem.
The day the news broke that a federal corruption probe in Southern California was spreading to Republicans, Rep. Jerry Lewis, the chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales fired off an e-mail to the White House about the federal prosecutor who had begun the investigation.

Political infection

Either we have reached a new peak of an intrusion of politics into our public sphere or we are just more aware of how much partisan politics has infected everyday life. There is the “Attorney 8” controversy, the Plame affair and the seeming omnipresence of Karl Rove under every rock in American life.