November 19, 2017 | In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
As we pause this week to observe the founding of our nation it may not be out of place to point out that “America” is more of a dream than a reality. From its very foundation, it was more something to look forward to than something actually experienced.
46 million Americans have no health care at all. Most of us still receive health insurance through our employer, and most have seen sharp increases in premiums, deductibles and the coverage limits of such policies meaning we have less coverage than ever before at higher costs. Yet health insurers see record profits. It is time to pull ourselves up from the bottom tier and actually DO something about our criminally deficient system. It is time for the candidates running for President to come forth with solutions not more platitudes.

It is Gay Pride season in most American cities so there will be parades, celebrations, observances, marathon bike rides and other events designed to heighten the awareness of what critics like to call the “gay agenda.” This year it coincides with a growing call to do away with the ban on gays in the military, growing objections over President Bush’s nominee for Surgeon General and increasing acceptance of gays in the fabric of life in America. It is also a time to begin to question whether anything is “so gay” anymore.""

The most elusive kernel of truth is that in the other person’s point of view. It hides behind all those things that are horribly wrong, misshapen and downright evil that shout out to us demanding rejection in the strongest manner.

Whether you agree with the vast majority of scientists who say human activity is having a profound and possibly disastrous effect on global climate change or not, it is beyond reasonable dispute that our behaviors have some impact. Some hesitate to take action fearing it would harm our economy.

Protecting America

It is often the case that those who claim to be protecting our nation are the very most dangerous threats to the people and the principles upon which this nation was founded. Among the greatest of those threats are fundamentalism and globalism.

¡Viva America!

As Congress struggles to find a compromise on the issue of immigration, the population of the United States is growing increasingly, well, tan. The latest figures show that at least one third of us are other than European white and that portion will likely continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with politicians? Do they start out life with a deficiency of ethics or does that come along as they rise in the ranks? Should voters simply not vote for anyone willing to run?

Let the Luddites battle with the scientists among us about evolution vs. Intelligent Design. I say both are losing propositions. If what we have is the best an Intelligent Designer can come up with, we need a better Designer. If what we have is the best that natural selection can come up with, we are all doomed.

Morality and politics

The attempt to impose moral values upon political decisions has reach its apogee, and nadir during the Bush administration. But it has long been the case that one group claims to have the high moral ground and is therefore justified in telling the rest of us how to live and love. It is time to stop.