Phil Hoskins

The Jon Stewart solution

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central may not be the first place to look for economic wisdom but last night he laid out a plan to rescue the economy that makes as much sense as any I have heard yet. Instead of the government giving billions to financial institutions, give that money to individuals with debt with the restriction that they can only use it to pay down their debt. The plan is genius in its simplicity.

Mutts like us can do it

Barack Obama is not the only mutt in America. I am a English-German-Polish-African-Cherokee-once straight now gay-American. How about you, what is your mix? Does it matter? As we enter the Obama generation, many are showing how brilliant they are in offering up criticisms before the fact, some are holding their breath hoping for the best, and some are actually taking up the new President’s challenge to “be the change we seek.”

Israeli Overkill

Hamas has once again attempted to burst out of draconian Israeli policies with violence, and once again Israel has responded with overkill. After the misadventure in Lebanon some of us had hoped that Israel had learned that it was not free to launch expansive military campaigns in response to perceived threats to its security. But they have not and are looking like the military is out of control.

The few, the arrogant and the rest of us

The recent exposure of Governor Blagojevich as a brazen sociopath (see Dick Cavett’s piece) is yet another example of the arrogance that is bringing this nation to a world of woe. For years now we have been finding out how some portion of our population has acted as though the harsh criminal law system just doesn’t apply to them. It is hard to know whether things like this are happening more often or whether we are just finding out more often.

Everyone’s a critic

Everyone’s a critic

It has been a while since I posted a column here and it isn’t because of writer’s block exactly. A while back I decided that I would not use this space solely for the purpose of criticizing others unless I also had some suggestion for a solution to the situation I was criticizing. Isn’t it time to focus on what needs to be done instead of what is wrong?

A different kind of bailout

With the government throwing money at a failing financial system, I suggest we are losing a unique opportunity to reform and restructure our economy. Rather than put our tax dollars in the hands of institutions to trickle down to the rest of us, we should make investments in our future and give the rest to citizens to spend so that our money rises up the financial ladder.

We shall overcome

America seriously needs a lesson in civics, most particularly the Bill of Rights. In three states this past Tuesday, as voters took a historic leap forward in electing Barrack Obama, they simultaneously said “separate and not really equal” to gays and lesbians. But we will not give up, we will not accept second class citizenship, and one day, we shall overcome.

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome some day

Rejecting bigotry

Voters in California and several other states will be asked on Tuesday to add enforced bigotry to their state constitutions. If you have an ounce of justice and liberty in your soul you will reject these radical attempts to install the distorted views of Biblical misinterpretation into a document intended to protect liberty for all.

Have you left no sense of decency?

These words spoken more than a half century ago about one of the Senate’s most vicious hate mongers have new relevance to Senator John McCain. Who we have largely taken to be a decent man has descended into the most dangerous attack on a fellow candidate in recent times. It is time he rescue his honor, remove Sarah Palin from his ticket and offer an apology to America and Senator Obama specifically. He has disgraced himself and unleashed forces that portend evil.

In the face of fear

When I noticed that my last article was written unusually long ago, I realized there have been so many words uttered with such intensity and urgency by so many people, that I have been stunned into silence. There is so much fear in the air, so much analyzing, so much yelling, so much nonsense. In the past when that happens in my life I go inward looking for some basic principle that makes sense to me.