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America’s uncontrollable war machine

When someone makes a move
Of which we don't approve,
Who is it that always intervenes?
U.N. and O.A.S.,
They have their place, I guess,
But first send the Marines!*

From George W. Bush's war machine comes word that thousands more Marines will soon head for Afghanistan to fight the war he abandoned nearly five years ago for the ill-conceived invasion of Iraq.

This doesn't mean we're getting out of Iraq. We will probably be debating the Iraq war in the 2012 Presidential campaign, along with the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq and God-knows-where-else.
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Let the revolution begin

War, Winston Churchill said, is too important to be left to the generals.

True enough. It can also be said that war is too important to be left to Presidents…or Congress…or to politicians.

While we're on the subject of what should be left to whom, let's conclude that politics is far too important to be left to either politicians or journalists.

Thomas Jefferson saw a free press as a necessary check and balance to the arrogance of government but that check fails when the press itself is not free.

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Let’s focus on debate, not hate

O.K. I was wrong. I’m sorry. I thought hyperbole, satire and street language would infuse much-needed passion into political debate. It didn’t. Instead of debate, we got hate. Hate and debate cannot co-exist. One cancels out the other. We need honest, rational debate to resolve the many problems facing this country. We cannot have that debate as long as hate is part of the equation.
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In the end, the voters still decide

The voters of New Hampshire reminded all of us Tuesday that elections are decided in the election booth and not on political talk shows, newspaper columns or web sites. Polls predicted an easy win for Barack Obama. For most of Tuesday, the pundits talked about the demise of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the anointment of Obama as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party. Even Clinton campaign insiders talked doom and gloom and dropped hints about staff shakeups and changes in message after an expected loss in the New Hampshire primary.
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Hillary’s crocodile tears

Hillary Rodham Clinton cried on cue Monday, choking up in a contrived show of so-called emotion so unbelievable that even long-time supporters looked on in surprise.

One can only imagine that her note cards for the event contained detailed instructions on how to cry on camera. And here she was, attempting to show actual emotion but showing instead just how uncomfortable it can be to try and act human when doing so is just not in your nature.

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Change is in the air

The Iowa caucus victories by Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee Thursday night were also stunning defeats for the status quo in American politics. Angry voters sent a strong message that they are mad as hell and they ain’t gonna take it any more. Democratic caucus attendees told Hillary Rodham Clinton that America doesn’t need four years of her kind of politics. She finished well behind Obama and a close third to John Edwards, a slick trial lawyer with an anti-corporate greed platform.
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How many more Americans must die?

There’s a question that nobody asks Presidential candidates in this year’s run for the top job in the White House. It’s a question that must be asked: How many more Americans must die before we end the illegal and immoral war in Iraq? Forget about timetables, forget about political implications and forget about our so-called “mission” to bring Democracy to that war-torn country. We no longer have Democracy in the United States so how on earth can we export it to another country?
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Our New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions: We all make them. Most get broken before the first week. Some survive. Others get modified. Here at Capitol Hill Blue, we've made some New Year's Resolutions of our own. It will be up to you - the readers - to tell us if we keep them. We plan to honor them. If we slip, we're sure you will tell us when we do. Our resolutions for 2008:
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Predictions for a New Year

The last day of 2007: End of the year. Looking ahead to 2008: What will the New Year bring? Or better yet: What will it not bring? Our destiny of late seems determined more by what doesn't happen. With that cheery thought in mind, here's our predictions on what probably will or won't happen in 2008: President George W. Bush's Presidency will not end in 2008. It will end on January 20, 2009, unless he finds a way to complete his seizure of absolute, dictatorial power over what used to be a Democratic Republic called The United States of America.
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Just a couple of bad leaders

Conventional wisdom said Hillary Rodham Clinton was the smartest candidate among the crowded fields for both the Democratic and Republican Presidential nomination. The same conventional wisdom promised great things from Nancy Pelosi - the first woman to lead the House of Representative as Speaker. So much for conventional wisdom.
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