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Bush and Pelosi: Both are failures

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Thursday called the Presidency of George W. Bush "a total failure."

True. Bush will go down in history as one of the most corrupt and incompetent Presidents. His seven-and-a-half years in office have been a disaster. Everything he's touched - from his ill-conceived Iraq war to his administration's bungling of the economy to its shredding of the Constitution - are textbook cases of disaster.

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So much hate, so little decency

When NBC Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert died, too many readers of this web site cheered his death. The same thing happened this past weekend when former Bush Presidential Press Secretary Tony Show succumbed to colon cancer.

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Sorry Jesse. You’re too late

Jesse Jackson, echoing the disappointment and betrayal that a growing number are feeling towards presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, says "I wanna cut his nuts off."

Too late Jesse. Barack's balls are long gone. He gave them up when he decided pandering for votes was more important than standing on principle.

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Time for a new American revolution?

As an American, I can no longer site idly by and watch George W. Bush and his criminal cabal destroy the country that I love.

As an American, I can not hide behind the excuse that I'm tired or retired or no longer interested in politics.

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Effective immediately, I'm suspending publication of this column and stepping away from the day-to-day operations of Capitol Hill Blue. I've done this before only to come back after a brief break. This break will be much longer and probably permanent.
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Good riddance for the Grand Old Party

After losing three straight Congressional elections in districts that used to be solid Republican, the Grand Old Party is in chaos, fretting and worrying about its rapidly dimming prospects not only in the upcoming Presidential election but also in the House and Senate races.
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West Virginia? Who cares?

So, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the West Virginia Democratic primary by a huge margin. And your point is? Of course she won West Virginia. Hillary was in her element, pantsuit deep in old, uneducated, white people – the kind of people who hate blacks and change and will vote for anyone as long as they’re white and willing to pander to their needs.
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