Democrats haven’t closed the deal

Republican Brian Bilbray won the special election in California Tuesday to replace convicted bribe-taker Randy "Duke" Cunningham in a race that should have been closer than it was and one that should tell Democrats they still have their work cut out for them if they hope to recapture control the House and Senate in November.

The sound of thunder

WRITER’S NOTE: I wrote this column for Memorial Day 1998. It has been reprinted in a number of publications and is the most-requested reprint of columns I have written over the last few years. It is rerun here today as a reminder of why we celebrate Memorial Day and must work as hard as we can to avoid the horror of war.

Lock ‘em up and throw away the key

My, my. The gaggle of crooks, con-artists and thieves also known as the United States Congress got pissed because the FBI actually had the audacity to raid the office of a Congressman to collect evidence of corruption and criminal activity.