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The name of the game

On too many days, I look over too many comments that appear on too many stories on this web site and just shake my head.

Where, I wonder, do some of these people come from and who puts some of these incredible notions into their heads?

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A fake ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with Bush

According to a carefully-orchestrated campaign of planted news leaks by the Representatives who attended the meeting, a group of 11 "moderate" Republicans confronted President George W. Bush in a "come to Jesus" meeting Tuesday over his failed Iraq war.

They claim they told the President his credibility with the American people is "gone" when it comes to the Iraq war and that Republicans will bail on him if the war does not show "significant progress" by September 1.

Yeah, right.

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Madman or prophet of doom?

I've tried, believe me I have. I've stepped back, taken a second look and attempted to give the President of the United States a second chance to prove he's not nuts.

Won't work. Can't work. There's just too much evidence out there to show George W. Bush is out of his freaking mind.

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Bush finally tells the truth

Probably a lot of hangovers at the Pentagon this morning. Bet a lot of high-ranking brass went out and got blasted after listening to President George W. Bush's speech about his veto of the Iraq funding bill. Or they reached for the anti-depressants after watching Bush claim that all he wants to do is listen to the military experts when it comes to his failed Iraq war.
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