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It’s still the economy, McStupid

The global economy is in meltdown, the Dow is dropping faster than a hooker’s panties and all John McCain wants us to think about is an aging radical who paid his debt to society.

That’s right. McCain and his “you betcha” attack dog Sarah Palin continue to hammer away at Barack Obama’s casual relationship with 1960s Weather Underground radical William Ayers. Ask them about the economy and they bring up Bill Ayers. Ask them about Iraq and they talk about Bill Ayers.

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Today is our 14th birthday

Capitol Hill Blue turns 14 today and the web site continues its place as the oldest, continually-published political news web site on the Internet.

We've come a long way since that morning on October 1, 1994, when I took advantage of free web space by my Internet Service Provider and started what was then a few paragraphs of musings about politics.

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Another monumental failure by Bush

Even before his bungling response to a financial crisis that threatens to plunge this country into a full-blown depression, President George Bush had already assured himself the title of the biggest failure in Presidential history.

The Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina and many other failures sealed his membership in the Political Hall of Shame. The collapse of America's economy just adds more evidence that Bush is, without a doubt, the worst in a long line of failed leaders of what once was a great country.

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How to buy a Senator…or a President

In 1987, I ran the Political Programs Division of the National Association of Realtors, the largest trade association in the country. One of my jobs was to serve as the association's "go to" guy when they needed to sway the opinions of Congress.

One afternoon, Steve Driesler, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, walked into my office.

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Sarah Palin: Mission accomplished

When master Republican strategist Charlie Black convinced John McCain to put an unknown Alaska governor on the ticket as his vice presidential choice, he had two goals: throw the smooth-running Obama campaign machine off-track and rev up the GOP base that wasn't all that thrilled with McCain.

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Don’t sell Sarah Palin short

Say what you will about Sarah Palin (and a lot of us have said a lot): When crunch time came at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, the self-professed hockey mom seized the moment and stole the show.

GOP Presidential nominee John McCain might have trouble living up to the performance his vice presidential pick delivered.

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