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Who the hell picked this guy?

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner went before the American public Tuesday to offer up a new bailout plan for banks. By the time his miserable presentation ended, America saw a need for a bailout plan for the Geithner.

President Barack Obama promised Geithner would deliver a detailed bailout plan that would correct earlier mistakes and move forward. Geithner's "plan" wasn't a plan at all, just a vague reference to what he said would be a plan.

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Is anyone up to the job?

The nagging question that dogged Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign centered around whether or not the charismatic young Senator from Illinois had enough experience for the job as President of the United States.

Hillary Rodham Clinton hammered Obama on the experience issue daily during the long and bitter Democratic primary and John McCain picked up the mantle for the general election.

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The fading Obama myth

The myth surrounding President Barack Obama is disappearing faster than Rod Blagojevich's political career. The great reformer is caught up in mounting questions about his actions. The agent of change is turning out to be more of the same.

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Obama ain’t walking the walk

President Barack Obama's unfortunate decision to stand behind his ethically-challenged selections for key cabinet positions raises serious questions about whether or not the agent of change elected by reform-starved voters is true to his word.

Obama's steadfast support of health and human services nominee Tom Daschle following revelations that the longtime Senator failed to pay taxes on perks from fatcat supporters is the kind of stubborn, ethics-and-rules-be-damned defiance that former President George W. Bush showed whenever one of his own got into trouble.

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Can Obama meet such high expectations?

President Barack Obama comes into the job with the second highest public approval rating in modern times -- second only to John F. Kennedy.

He enjoys widespread acclaim, grudging appproval from Republicans and more hoopla than any President in memory.

Obama certainly has the intelligence, the charisma and the team to deliver on expectations but the question must be asked: Can anyone deliver on what is both expected and needed to deal with the daunting problems facing this nation?

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Today, all of us are part of history

On this historical day, it doesn't matter if you are among the millions packing into the National Mall of Washington or one of millions more of Americans sitting in front of a television set or going about your daily routine on what may be another workday.

On this day, and the days that follow, all of us are part of history.

When Barack Hussein Obama takes the oath of office as the 44th President of the United States, I will be sitting on hard bench in a court room in Floyd, Virginia, covering a circuit court session for my local newspaper.

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Bush’s State of Denial Address

George W. Bush delivered his farewell address to the nation Thursday night and -- as expected -- clung to his delusions, prolonged his state of denial and lied outright to the American people.

"Like all who have held this office before me, I have experienced setbacks," the soon to be ex-President said. "And there are things I would do differently if given the chance. Yet I have always acted with the best interests of our country in mind. I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right."

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Further thoughts on the crimes of George W. Bush

We've had several spirited discussions over the past week about anger towards lame duck President George W. Bush, hate in general in Internet discussion (in blogs, comments to stories, discussion forums, et. al) and a desire on the part of many Americans to extract some form of punishment from Bush and his administration.

MSNBC's Keith Olberman devoted a segment of "Countdown" to the subject Friday night, interviewing former White House counsel John Dean of Watergate fame.

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