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Maybe we should run credit checks on candidates for office

As more and more details emerge about the acceptance of gifts, loans and more by former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen during their fours years in Executive Mansion in Richmond, a picture of a chief executive up to his butt in debts and scrambling to pay bills emerges. McDonnell and his wife were living far beyond their means and came to office deep in a financial hole. Maybe what we have learned about the real reasons why the governor and his wife had their hands out for financial assistance from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams shows that
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Dr. King and the irony of racism on a life

For some Virginians — those who work in state and county jobs — today is the end of a four day weekend because Friday was the “official” observance of Lee-Jackson Day, a state holiday that honors Virginia civil-war generals Robert E. Lee and  Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Monday is the national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. Some find it ironic that Virginians enjoy a long weekend dedicated to men who either led others in a fight to, among other things, protect the right to own and use slaves and one who fought to bring equality to those of his
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