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CPAC: Constantly Pathetic Archaic Crackpots

Interesting that on the final day of the annual fantasy called the Conservative Political Action Conference, the rabid right wing trotted out the laughable Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann to claim the Republicans better serve women because “we are the party, the only party, that had a woman on the Presidential ballot this century.” Bachmann, of course, was referring to former Vice Presidential GOP candidate Sarah Palin, the cocaine-snorting, basketball-bedding bimbo who couldn’t even complete a single-term as  governor of Alaska and who, incredibly, served as keynote speaker for the gathering of the uninformed unenlightened and unworthy of serious consideration. Bachmann
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Time to rid the nation of an embarrassment named Cruz?

Maybe it’s time to do something to put the misery called Ted Cruz out of America’s life and memory. Depending on the voters of Texas to step in and do something about the national embarrassment called Cruz is useless.  Texas, after all, is the state that gave cretins like George W. Bush elected office more than once, so expecting anything remotely approaching rationality is a pipe dream when it comes to the Lone Star state. Cruz, sadly, is a blatant example of just how incredibly stupid the tea party can be. To rally behind such a idiot shows how devoid
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An ugly dispute taints ‘America the Beautiful’

A sadness emerges when one reads the absurd and downright nasty comments aimed at Coca Cola for creating a Super Bowl commercial featuring people singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. Some rabid right-wing groups urge a boycott of the company for creating the commercial.  Usual conservative blowhards like Rush Limbaugh are weighing in and demanded punishment of Coke. Why?  Are we not a nation founded by immigrants who came to this land to escape persecution in other countries?  Are we not the nation that once welcomed immigrants with open arms? Sadly, some out there want to destroy that America
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