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Political pain is only the beginning

Some political “experts” see Donald Trump’s second place finish in the Iowa caucus as the beginning of a slide that will end his improbable occupation of the top dog slot in the Republican presidential nomination sweepstakes. Of course, that joy could end next week if Trump rebounds in New Hampshire, where he leads polls for the GOP side of the ticket. But the possible return of Trump to the top is not the only worry for the party of the elephant. Ted Cruz won Iowa and that scares the hell out of establishment Republicans almost as much as Trump. Like
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Never-ending Presidential election carnival

With the much-ballyhooed Monday’s Iowa caucus finally underway, the voters — we are told — are starting to speak. Perhaps, but does whatever they say really mean anything in a Presidential election? Rick Santorum won a close victory over Mitt Romney in the Republican GOP caucus in Iowa in 2012.  Rich who?  He was gone before the primary season was over. Eventual GOP nominee John McCain finished with just 13 percent of the caucus vote in 2008.  Mike Huckabee, Romney and Fred Thompson finished ahead of the Arizona senator who went down to defeat to Barack Obama in the general
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Trump and Palin: Send in the clowns

It’s hard to write rationally about the clownish acts of Sarah Palin. Hard, hell:  Impossible. Her endorsement Tuesday of another political clown, flamboyant billionaire and former TV reality star host, is typical buffoonish effort by a laughable political has-been to get publicity. Some of those who watch and write about the failed American political system claim her nod to Trump is noteworthy.  They claim her endorsement will mean something to conservatives. If so, then those right wingers are as brain dead as Palin and Trump. Trump goes into the Iowa primary caucuses in less than two weeks as the presumptive
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