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Sarah Palin Endorsements Boast Winning Record, Tarnished By Key Losses

The power of an endorsement is far from a perfect science, but if Sarah Palin subscribes to the belief that the only thing that matters is a win, she’s probably feeling pretty good about her slate of candidates after Tuesday’s election. Palin divvied out 57 total endorsements of House, Senate, and governor candidates in the run up to the midterm elections. Ten of these candidates lost their primary battles during rather paltry first few rounds of endorsements, leaving 47 to face voters on election day. Now, with most of the final races finally wrapping up, however, Palin has put forth
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Bridgeport Didn’t Order Enough Ballots Because Unused Ones ‘Cost A Lot Of Money’

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — The Democratic registrar of voters in Connecticut’s largest city says her office didn’t order enough ballots for Tuesday’s election in part because of the cost. Sandi Ayala told The Associated Press on Wednesday that past assumptions of a 65 percent voter turnout in Bridgeport had led to many unused ballots and, “They cost a lot of money.” Ayala could not say how many ballots were ordered. Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz (BY’-suh-wits) says 21,000 ballots were ordered for the city’s 69,000 registered voters. Many polling places ran out, and a judge ordered 12 of them to
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Ron Christie: Obama’s Challenge Is Obama’s Opportunity

As the seismic reverberations in the aftermath of last night’s historic election continue to ripple through 1600 Pennsylvania, the man occupying the Oval Office has been presented both with a daunting challenge and a great opportunity to lead. The challenge, of course, is that President Obama was elected as a post-partisan centrist who was going to change the manner in which government operated in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, the president delegated much of the heavy lifting of the stimulus package, cap and trade legislation and of course, Obamacare, to the Democratic leadership in the Congress. Perhaps more than any other decision
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