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Dean Baker: Compromise on Social Security and Medicare? Why My Center-Left Friends are Wrong

In recent days several center-left blogger/columnists have suggested that progressives should be happy to cut a deal now on Social Security and other issues related to the budget. The argument is that the cuts being put forward by the commissions are not that onerous, they don’t involve privatization, and we could be facing much worse in the future. While politics always requires compromise, this position misreads the economic and political landscape in four important ways. 1) The problem of the moment is unemployment. This really is a disaster for large segments of the population. That is not just a talking
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Larry Hirsch: Government Worker Envy

For most of the past decade that I have worked in government, my friends working in the private sector have felt they had it better than me. They were making fortunes in finance or other business matters and would not consider trading places with me. This was also the feeling in the throughout most of the country. Working for the government was reliable and safe but stifled creativity and thwarted ambitions for achieving your full potential. My how a recession changes things. One of the themes of the Tea Party and others on the right has been how good government
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GOP Bias In Landline-Only Polls, Confirms Pew Research

For pollsters, 2010 was the year in which methodology mattered. Pollsters that invested in more expensive dual samples to reach Americans on both landline and mobile phones should have produced more accurate forecasts of Congressional voting, while those that relied only on traditional landline samples found greater support for Republican candidates. That’s the finding of a new report from the Pew Research Center that compared traditional landline samples to surveys conducted over both cell and landline phones. Pollsters have fretted for nearly a decade about the growing number of Americans in so-called “cell-phone-only” households that are out of reach of
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