Joe Miller Admits To Lying, But Do Alaskans Care?

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller was placed on administrative leave for 15 days and suspended without pay for three days in March 2008 for using co-workers’ computers at the Fairbanks North Star Borough in an effort to influence Republican Party politics, according to records released Tuesday by the borough under court order. In March 2008, […]

Scott Atran: Talking to the Enemy: How to Turn the Taliban Against Al Qaeda

The background to this argument, which is a modified and expanded version of a New York Times op-ed that appears on Wednesday, is detailed in a new book, Talking to the Enemy: Faith, Brotherhood, and the (Un)Making of Terrorists (Ecco/HarperCollins). On successive days last week the world’s major news outlets, including the New York Times […]

NTSB Probes Safety Of Airline Partnerships

WASHINGTON — The regional airline industry says safety is its top priority, in part because accidents are bad for business. But pilot unions and the families of air crash victims say safety has been sacrificed to cost-cutting at some carriers. The Federal Aviation Administration says it holds all airlines, large and small, to the same […]

Joseph A. Palermo: Civic-Minded Plutocrats

It’s truly touching how much interest in America’s great democratic experiment that our esteemed men and women of industry, finance, and commerce have shown in the 2010 midterm elections. Elementary school teachers across the land might lead civics lessons by pointing to these salt-of-the-Earth hedge-fund managers, oil tycoons, derivatives traders, and outsourcing zealots who are […]

Joe Miller: ‘I Lied’ About Accessing Computers For Political Purposes

Amid a political firestorm of controversy surrounding Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller’s ethics violations while working as a government attorney in 2008, new details emerged on Tuesday night revealing that the Republican hopeful himself admitted to lying about his complicity in the matter. “I lied about accessing all of the computers,” wrote Miller in an […]

Audit: National Archives At Risk

WASHINGTON — An audit prompted in part by the loss of the Wright Brothers’ original patent and maps for atomic bomb missions in Japan finds some of the nation’s prized historical documents are in danger of being lost for good. Nearly 80 percent of U.S. government agencies are at risk of illegally destroying public records […]

Pierre Omidyar: Separation of Mosque and State

There is a growing tide of opinion in this country that religion and government should be intertwined. This view tends to be most widely held by evangelical Christians, who believe that society would benefit if Christianity played an official role in government. A recent Honolulu Civil Beat poll found that 11 percent of likely voters […]