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Wisconsin governor asks Democrats to come home

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Monday urged 14 Democratic state senators who left the state rather than vote on a bill that takes away bargaining rights for state workers to return to work, but warned a big budget deficit left no room to negotiate. Read the full story.
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Wisconsin Democratic aide says governor must compromise

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Democratic lawmakers who left Wisconsin to stall passage of a controversial budget bill that has triggered mass protests may return if the governor compromises with public employees over collective bargaining, an aide to the Senate leader said on Sunday. Read the full story.
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Allstate sues two more banks over mortgage fraud

Allstate says Citigroup and Deutsche Bank AG hid the risks on more than $385 million mortgage securities and it bought from the two banks and now it wants revenge. Lawsuits filed by the largest publicly-traded U.S. home and auto insurer brings the total lawsuits against banks to four.  Allstate has already filed similar lawsuits against Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase. The company is trying to recover more than $1.8 billion in securities and says the banks are guilty of fraud.
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