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Biko Baker: Confessions of a Young Organizer: Why the Democrats Lost the Midterm Elections

Five weeks ago, I walked into Wisconsin’s Organizing for America office and offered to go on sabbatical from the League of Young Voters to volunteer full-time for the campaign. I knew that I could help develop strategies to get “Obama voters” involved in the process this fall. This was an extremely tough thing for me to do. Despite the fact that I have almost always voted for Democrats since I turned 18, I don’t consider myself a Democrat. I know many of my progressive friends will be mad at me for saying this publicly, but I simply have not seen
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Martin Ford: A Lame Duck Revolution: Take Another Shot at the Public Option

There can be little doubt that a significant enthusiasm gap played a major role in the outcome of the midterm elections. The liberal Democratic base is disappointed, and if there’s one particular issue that underlies that disappointment it’s probably the lack of a public option in the health care bill that was passed. Without a public option, Obama’s plan amounts to a huge handout to the private insurance industry and will probably end up doing very little to rein in costs. In his book Rebooting the American Dream, Thom Hartmann points out that Medicare — because it is an existing
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