Carl Pope: Why No One Knows What Will Happen on Tuesday

If you’re like me, you’ve been inundated with stories, conversations, and anxious questions about how this year’s elections will turn out. A lot of them, perhaps most, are poll driven. I have believed for months (and everything I’ve seen recently confirms my belief), that the results of this election cannot be known until next Tuesday […]

Special report: Tech money flows to Whitman, bypasses Fiorina

SAN JOSE/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Valentine’s Ball thrown by venture capitalist Alan Salzman and his wife Jillian Manus every year is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest tickets. People are still talking about the Bailey’s Irish Cream flowing from the nipples of ice sculptures at the soiree last year. Read the full story from Reuters

Erica Payne: Welcome to CRAZYTOWN

Are you sane enough to vote November 2nd? Take the quiz and find out! 1) Colorado Senate Candidate Ken Buck insists that he does not wear high heels. Do you think he secretly wants to? 2) NY gubernatorial candidates Carl Palladino believes that being gay is ‘not a successful option.’ Do you think that is […]

Election ads turn personal — and brutal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It’s nasty out there, with political candidates and outside groups flooding the airwaves with brutal and increasingly personal attacks calling their opponents cheats, liars and kooks — or worse. Read the full story from Reuters

Rep. Jim McDermott: So You Want to Privatize

Last week, former President George W. Bush emerged from his Texas mansion to declare that the biggest failure of his presidency was not privatizing Social Security. President Bush should take a good look around because he failed at a number of things, but failing to gut one of America’s most effective programs was, in fact, […]