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The arms treaty: More hype than facts, more spin than truth

In their showdown over the fate of a major arms-control treaty with Russia, Democrats and Republicans are charging each other with undermining national security. So who’s right? The Obama administration is pushing for a vote this year on the treaty, while Republicans are calling for a delay until a new Congress convenes in January. Here’s a closer look at the claims flying back and forth in the debate: ___ THE CLAIM: Opponents of the treaty, known as New START, say it will limit U.S. options for future missile defense. “New START could hamper our ability to improve our missile-defense system
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Air Force warns troops: ‘Beware of Facebook’

The Air Force is warning its troops to be careful when using Facebook and other popular networking sites because some new features could show the enemy exactly where U.S. forces are located in war zones. In a warning issued on its internal website earlier this month, the Air Force said that “careless use of these services by airmen can have devastating operations security and privacy implications.” The message was also sent to senior commanders, who were asked to get the word out to their forces. The sites are a concern for U.S military services, which have 95,000 troops in Afghanistan
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