Palin plugs Florida Republicans – and her TV show

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rallied Republican candidates in Florida on Saturday by pillorying President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms and economic policies — and she also used her speech to plug her new TV reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Read the full story from Reuters

Mortgage woes show Wall St reform crucial: Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said the home foreclosure crisis underscored the importance of his Wall Street reforms, and he blasted Republicans on Saturday for “beating the drum” to roll back the regulatory overhaul. Read the full story from Reuters

US-Generic Ballot: 48% Democrat, 45% Republican (Newsweek 10/20-21)

Newsweek 10/20-21/10; 1,005 adults, 3.8% margin of error 773 likely voters, 4.3% margin of error Mode: Live telephone interviews Newsweek release National 2010 Congress: Generic Ballot 48% Democrat, 45% Republican (chart) Obama Job Approval 54% Approve, 40% Disapprove (chart) Jump to comments From The Huffington Post

PA-Sen: 45% Toomey (R), 42% Sestak (D) (Muhlenberg 10/22)

Muhlenberg College / Morning Call 10/19-22/10; 439 likely voters, 5% margin of error Mode: Live phone interview (Muhlenberg PDF) Pennsylvania 2010 Senate 42% Sestak (D), 45% Toomey (R) (chart) 2010 Governor 49% Corbett (R), 41% Onorato (D) (chart) Jump to comments From The Huffington Post

Paul Loeb: Suppose Your Actions Swung the Election

Imagine if your actions made the difference in electing a Senator, Governor, or Congressional representative? Suppose the phone calls you made, money you donated, doors you knocked on, and conversations you initiated helped swing a critically close race, or two or three. Suppose the friends you dragged to the polls helped America reject the anonymous […]