Bob Cesca: Angry Voters Choose Government Gridlock, Investigations and Shutdown

There are a variety of explanations for the frustratingly backwards outcome of yesterday’s election. Clearly Americans were dissatisfied with the objective reality that the Obama administration and the congressional Democrats actually made things better by cutting the deficit by an historic $122 billion; creating upwards of three million new jobs; ending the war in Iraq; […]

Hans Johnson: Wave of Voter Anger Leaves Damage, Opportunities

It is often the least of these who have the most at stake in elections. Nov. 2, 2010, was a night of reckoning for advocates of working people, immigrants, and civil rights for gay people, who faced many hard-fought losses. As the altered landscape became clearer for Democrats, a few narrow victories loomed all the […]

South Korea must give more on beef, cars: Republican

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – South Korea must agree to do more to open its market to U.S. beef and autos if it wants Congress to approve a trade deal that has been stalled for three years, a senior Republican lawmaker said on Wednesday. Read the full story from Reuters

Sarah Palin Endorsements Boast Winning Record, Tarnished By Key Losses

The power of an endorsement is far from a perfect science, but if Sarah Palin subscribes to the belief that the only thing that matters is a win, she’s probably feeling pretty good about her slate of candidates after Tuesday’s election. Palin divvied out 57 total endorsements of House, Senate, and governor candidates in the […]

Ron Christie: Obama’s Challenge Is Obama’s Opportunity

As the seismic reverberations in the aftermath of last night’s historic election continue to ripple through 1600 Pennsylvania, the man occupying the Oval Office has been presented both with a daunting challenge and a great opportunity to lead. The challenge, of course, is that President Obama was elected as a post-partisan centrist who was going […]

Republicans ability to reshape Dodd-Frank limited

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican lawmakers vowed to vigorously oversee the new financial reform law but stopped short of promising major changes to the legislation they have described as “job killing.” Read the full story from Reuters