Independents, seniors said ‘no’ to Democrats

Independents, seniors said ‘no’ to Democrats

Independents and people 65 and older are two pivotal voting blocs neither party can afford to lose. Right now, Democrats have alienated both. As attention begins to shift to the 2012 presidential and congressional races, President Barack Obama and Democrats must figure out how to woo both groups back to avoid a replay of Tuesday’s […]

Many rich candidates couldn’t buy an election victory

Many rich candidates couldn’t buy an election victory

Dipping into their personal fortunes to finance a political campaign turned out to be a losing investment for several candidates trying to break into political office. Former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman took the biggest gamble, spending $142 million in her losing effort to become California’s next governor, a figure that covers the general election […]

Clinton sees votes to pass U.S.-Russia arms treaty

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday she believed the White House has the votes to pass a new nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia and she hoped this would happen this year. Read the full story from Reuters

Michael Roth: We Need to Create Trust

One of the striking things that this week’s elections forcefully represent is the dramatic erosion of trust in President Obama. Two years ago he hadn’t yet earned our confidence, but he did inspire deep trust. Our frustration with his leadership has not just been disappointment with specific policies that haven’t worked. The frustration and the […]

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Stop Shooting at Obama

And so Obama has lost. As expected, though less than predicted and, especially, much less than the Tea Party whack jobs had hoped, the electorate delivered a vote of sanction. Moreover, he himself immediately recognized the fact — with a simplicity, an elegance, and an attitude of fair play that inspire admiration. That said, the […]

Subdued Obama says suffered a voter "shellacking"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A chastened President Barack Obama on Wednesday pledged to seek compromise with Republicans who won big in congressional elections and admitted he had lost touch with voters who delivered a “shellacking” to him and his Democrats. Read the full story from Reuters