Eduardo Barraza: Family Values and Journalism Shaped ACLU of Arizona Director’s Life, Leadership

Alessandra Soler-Meetze, director of the ACLU of Arizona, talks about her beginnings in journalism, her family influences, and her transition from a reporter’s job with a major daily to becoming the leader of an strategic affiliate of the national civil liberties organization. Phoenix, Arizona – From family values of hard work and social consciousness, early […]

Bruce Fein: John Kerry’s Afghan Dereliction of Duty

Senator John Kerry has convicted himself of constitutional dereliction over Afghanistan. In 1970, the Vietnam vet accelerated disengagement with electrifying testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But in 2010, as Chairman of that same Committee, Kerry has played idle spectator to the objectless, trillion dollar, 10-year-old war in Afghanistan that is making the United […]

Frank Caprio: Obama Can ‘Shove It’

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor is telling President Barack Obama to “shove it” after learning Obama would not endorse him. Frank Caprio’s campaign last week said he would welcome Obama’s endorsement. But on Monday, the same day Obama is set to visit Rhode Island and a day after the White […]

Cuomo Won’t Allow Medical Marijuana

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is not a fan of medical marijuana. Heading into the final week of his campaign for governor, Cuomo told reporters on Sunday that he does not want to see New York follow California’s example and legalize pot for medical purposes. From The Huffington Post

How The Age Of Austerity Will Remake American Politics

In this election, you can glimpse the brutish future of American politics. This new age of brutishness may or may not include the Tea Party. But, even if the Tea Party dissipates, the anger undergirding it will not. The Tea Party has expertly articulated a widespread grievance: that the government is redistributing money from hardworking […]