David Frey: Did the Tea Party Blow It in Colorado?

In the last weeks before the election, Sen. Michael Bennet was crisscrossing his home state of Colorado, stumping in big cities and small towns, trying to extract every vote he could from any corner he could find it. The race between he and his challenger Ken Buck, a Republican and Tea Party favorite, was neck-and-neck. […]

Clinton Pollster: Obama Better Off Now Than Clinton In ’94

WASHINGTON — President Bill Clinton’s chief pollster when the Democratic Party suffered massive losses in the 1994 midterm election said the landscape facing President Obama now is better suited for a comeback. In a conference call on Friday, Stan Greenberg pointed to several silver linings for a White House that had just lost 60 seats […]

Alan Abramowitz: Did Gallup Get It Right?

“Gallup’s polling and modeling predicted a wave election for the Republicans in the House, projecting 60 or more seats gained by the GOP. This is what occurred.” That’s what the Gallup Poll had to say on the day after the 2010 midterm election about the accuracy of their final pre-election poll in which they showed […]

Steve Cobble: Speaker Pelosi, Don’t Go!

FWIW, I think you should stay, just like Sam Rayburn did. Don’t let the Blue Dogs run you off. They’re half-gone, anyway. And here’s an idea to start your comeback: in the lame duck session, pass the middle class tax cut extension all by itself. Ignore any White House “compromise,” and let Boehner try to […]

U.S. defends human rights record at U.N.

GENEVA (Reuters) – The United States weathered criticism of its human rights record from friends and foes alike on Friday in a United Nations forum that the former Bush administration had boycotted as hypocritical. Read the full story from Reuters

Van Hollen done at DCCC

Maryland representative: ‘When it comes to the DCCC chairmanship, I believe in term limits.” Read the full story from Politico

Norway seeks U.S. explanation in surveillance row

OSLO (Reuters) – Norway demanded on Friday an explanation from the United States of reports that its embassy in Oslo has conducted illegal surveillance of Norwegian residents for more than 10 years. Read the full story from Reuters

Obama: U.S. can’t afford two years of gridlock

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama, still smarting from his Democrats’ big losses in congressional elections, said on Friday the United States cannot afford to get mired in legislative gridlock for the next two years while countries like China forge ahead. Read the full story from Reuters