Sarah Palin Names New ‘Mavericky’ Man Of The GOP (VIDEO)

Move over, John McCain. With the 2010 midterm election just days away, Sarah Palin signaled that she sees another man in the Republican party as “mavericky” — a label that the former Alaska Governor and Arizona Senator became notorious for embracing together when they were running mates during the 2008 presidential campaign. Speaking at a […]

Jeff Coryell: How An All-GOP Ohio Supreme Court and Sky Bank KO’d Your Grandma

Ohio’s seven-member Supreme Court had been an exclusively Republican club until Gov. Ted Strickland appointed Chief Justice Eric Brown last April. Now the Chief Justice is joined by Appellate Judge Mary Jane Trapp as excellent Democratic candidates running this year, opposed by two GOP Justices with expiring terms, Maureen O’Connor and Judith Lanzinger. What difference […]

Nigel Hamilton: The Meltdown — and After

In 2006 Random House said they wouldn’t publish it in this country, while Random House UK said they would, in theirs. ‘It’ was my book, Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency. The reason Random USA refused to publish the book in America was that they insisted I cover both Clinton’s first and second administrations in the […]

Tom Silva: Kant on the Campaign Trail

As election season nears, we once again find ourselves in the hot zone of political rhetoric and cable-news hysterics. Many of you will remember the congressman (I’ve omitted names in this article in order to avoid the invidiousness that is most political commentary) who used a brief speech on the House floor to describe GOP […]

Heidi Hartmann: Democrats Win on Women-Friendly Economic Policies

After the crash, the downturn was dubbed a “mancession.” As the meme continues to circulate, the Roosevelt Institute’s New Deal 2.0 blog asked leading thinkers to help sort fact from fiction. Are men suffering more than women in a weak economy? Is Washington doing enough to address female unemployment? How do we ensure a jobs […]