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Clinton visits Egypt square at heart of revolt

CAIRO (Reuters) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toured Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Wednesday, visiting the heart of the revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak from power in Egypt after 30 years and shook the Middle East. Read the full story.
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Congress aims to finish 2011 spending plan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congressional leaders and the White House voiced support on Tuesday for striking a deal on funding for the government through September 30, setting up talks in earnest on how much public spending to cut. Read the full story.
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Challenges to Dodd-Frank surface in Congress

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The first targeted legislative challenges to 2010’s Dodd-Frank financial regulation reforms are emerging in the Congress, with nine senators introducing a bipartisan bill on Tuesday to delay a proposed cap on debit card interchange fees. Read the full story.
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