Rep. Mike Honda: Why Asian Americans Will Vote Democratic This November

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are a community to be reckoned with in American politics, John Feehery correctly posited in The Hill’s Pundit Blog publishing of “Asian American Republicans” on October 25, 2010. There are currently over 16 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US, and our community’s rate of naturalization and […]

NY-Gov: 55% Cuomo (D), 35% Paladino (R) (Quinnipiac 10/18-24)

Quinnipiac 10/18-24/10; 672 likely voters, 3.8% margin of error Mode: Live telephone interviews Quinnipiac release New York 2010 Governor 55% Cuomo (D), 35% Paladino (R) (chart) 2010 Senate (B) 57% Gillibrand (D), 34% DioGuardi (R) (chart) 2010 Senate (A) 64% Schumer (D), 32% Townsend (R) (chart) Jump to comments From The Huffington Post

Sarah Palin Names New ‘Mavericky’ Man Of The GOP (VIDEO)

Move over, John McCain. With the 2010 midterm election just days away, Sarah Palin signaled that she sees another man in the Republican party as “mavericky” — a label that the former Alaska Governor and Arizona Senator became notorious for embracing together when they were running mates during the 2008 presidential campaign. Speaking at a […]