Obama On ‘Daily Show’: Stewart Presses President To Defend ‘Timid’ Policies, Hiring Of Old D.C. Hands

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama apparently thinks politics is no laughing matter, even when he’s staring down a comedian. Obama barely cracked any jokes during an appearance Wednesday on “The Daily Show” despite host Jon Stewart’s attempts to draw out the president’s humorous side with a few of his own snarky wisecracks. Less than […]

Sandra Day O’Connor Apologizes For Nevada Robocalls

WASHINGTON — Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is apologizing for the 50,000 recorded telephone calls made to Nevada voters in which she supports a ballot measure to change the way state judges are selected. O’Connor said Wednesday that she did not authorize the use of her recorded statement in the robo calls, which […]

Chris Weigant: Entertainment and Politics

When ex-actor Ronald Reagan won the presidency for the first time, I became convinced that American politics had become indistinguishable from show business. Nothing that has happened in the intervening years has caused me to change my mind on the subject. But the phenomenon of television personalities throwing their own pseudo-political “rallies” on the National […]

Bob Cesca: When in Doubt, They Beat Up Women

Anyone who’s ever spent extended time with very young children will know what I’m talking about here. Whenever a particularly spazzy kid who’s perhaps a little too hepped up on sugary snacks can’t articulate what he or she wants, they tend to act out. Sometimes violently. Spitting, biting, screeching, hitting. I think you know where […]

Senate: The Daily 10

The barrage against Ken Buck continued Wednesday with two new similar, cutting ads. Read the full story from Politico

House: The Daily 10

Democrat Jon Hulburd is using the money his wife made selling Windex to clean Ben Quayle’s clock. Read the full story from Politico

Vote could change direction of healthcare reform

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With most Americans ambivalent about President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare overhaul or openly hostile to it, next Tuesday’s elections could have a big impact on the reforms, experts said on Wednesday. Read the full story from Reuters