Supreme Court rejects request to lift military gay ban

Supreme Court rejects request to lift military gay ban

The Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to lift the Pentagon’s ban that prevents openly gay men and women from serving in the U.S. military, a decision that turns the focus on the issue to Congress when lawmakers return to work next week. President Barack Obama has pledged to end the “don’t ask, don’t […]

Gates on gay ban report leak: Who asked? Who told?

Gates on gay ban report leak: Who asked? Who told?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Friday condemned the leak of a Pentagon study looking at ending a ban on gays in the US military, launching a probe into the disclosure. The Pentagon had planned to announce the results of the internal review in December but the Washington Post published details of the study’s findings on […]

House Democrats Avert Major Leadership Battle

WASHINGTON — House Democrats averted a messy leadership struggle, clearing the way for Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to become second in command of their new minority without a challenge from South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn. Under an arrangement worked out in private, officials said late Friday that Clyburn would instead receive a new position, title […]

Shock Candidate Alvin Greene ‘Seriously Considering’ Presidential Bid

Alvin Greene, the quirky former South Carolina Senate candidate, added additional hype to his potential bid for president earlier this week when he upped the likelihood of a run from “I’ll have to see,” to “I’m seriously considering.” Not everyone is excited about the idea of this scenario. “I am at a loss for words […]

Scalia Spars With Liberal Justice Over Death Penalty, Democratic Election

LUBBOCK, Texas — One of the most conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court and one of the most liberal ones sparred Friday over capital punishment, the direct election of senators and various other constitutional questions during a rare public debate that highlighted their philosophical differences. Antonin Scalia, 74, the longest-serving current justice, appointed by […]

Pot Measure Pulls Ahead In Tight Vote Count Out West

PHOENIX — A measure that would legalize medical marijuana in Arizona pulled ahead for the first time Friday, with both supporters and opponents saying they believed the proposal that went before voters on Election Day would pass. Proposition 203 was ahead by 4,421 votes out of more than 1.63 million votes counted. The measure started […]

Postal Service Takes Massive Loss Despite Deep Cuts

WASHINGTON — The Postal Service said Friday it lost $8.5 billion last year despite deep cuts of more than 100,000 jobs and other reductions in recent years. The post office had estimated it would lose $6 billion to $7 billion, but a sharp decline in mail took a toll. Increased use of the Internet and […]

Dem Rep. Finally Wins Reelection In Southern Nail-Biter

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Democratic U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler finally won his close re-election race Friday when his Republican challenger conceded 10 days after Election Day. A recanvass of the election results a few hours earlier moved just one more vote into Republican Andy Barr’s column and gave Chandler a 648-vote margin of victory. Chandler’s win […]

Cecile Richards: Why Women Need Pelosi

In the aftermath of the election, the circular firing squad within the Democratic Party has dominated this week’s news. As with any disaster, blaming those who are not responsible is a given — and the pack mentality begins. One of the folks targeted during and after the election is the highest ranking woman ever in […]