House: The Daily 10

A new poll out Sunday presents a grim picture for New Mexico Rep. Martin Heinrich. Read the full story from Politico

Republicans say voters will repudiate Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With two days left in a bitter fight for control of Congress, Republicans on Sunday appeared headed to a smashing victory they said would be a repudiation of President Barack Obama and his policies. Read the full story from Reuters

Richard Greene: The 10 Reasons to Vote

The party that controls the House of Representatives or the Senate determines the policies and direction of America. When you vote for a candidate on November 2, you are also voting for an entire party. Check the positions you agree with and see which party most reflects your values and then vote accordingly. Each of […]

Robert Reich: The Real Center of American Politics: A Reflection on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

The true center of American politics isn’t found where most of us agree. We fiercely disagree. That’s not a problem. Democracy assumes disagreement. The true center is about how we resolve those disagreements. Most of us believe we should work them out respectfully. We don’t believe in winning political arguments through bullying, name-calling, lying, intimidating, […]

David Paul: The Problem is Not Jon Stewart

In a fit of self-importance–or perhaps it is despair–the media has pounced on Jon Stewart for stepping out of the studio and into the public square. Some veil their criticism as concern for Stewart’s career. Others savage him for crossing the line between news and entertainment. Horror! Like some rendition of Brigadoon, one has to […]

Obama Chicago Rally: ‘I Need You To Keep On Believing’

CHICAGO — Schoolteacher Jamie Worsek headed to President Barack Obama’s get-out-the-vote rally on Saturday, but it wasn’t because she’s enthusiastic about casting a ballot on Election Day. “I’ve actually never been less excited to vote in my entire life. I think all the candidates are awful. I’ll do it because it’s like my basic patriotic […]