SEC Whistleblower Fund Totals $450 Million

WASHINGTON — The Securities and Exchange Commission says it has set aside about $450 million for payments to outside whistleblowers whose information results in successful cases and penalties collected from companies or individuals. The SEC set up the program in accordance with the financial overhaul law enacted in July. It follows intense public criticism of […]

Jairus Grove: A User’s Guide to the New Racism

Jairus Victor Grove   Co-Editor, The Contemporary Condition The past few weeks have been very educational. Bill O’Reilly insisted that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11 only to be told that he should ‘moderate’ his remarks. A Move On activist was slammed against a curb for questioning Rand Paul’s integrity. Tea Bagger Judson Philips is openly […]

Stanley Kutler: WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT. . . .

By Stanley Kutler President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, according to a New York Times report last week, admittedly accepts large cash payments from the Iranian government. The political and religious dynamics of the region are complex. Iran obviously has an interest in keeping the Taliban at a distance and at the same time countering Pakistan’s […]