Joe Cirincione: The Terminator Targets Nukes, ‘Idiots’ Who Want Them

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) delivered a powerful endorsement of the New START treaty while mocking those who try to pump up their manhood with nuclear weapons. He said: There are those in America that are trying to flex their muscles and pretend they’re ballsy by saying, “we’ve got to keep those nuclear weapons.” That’s […]

Inside The Democrats’ Post-Election Strategy For Congress

WASHINGTON – With the enemy at the gates, and facing heavy casualties, Democrats in Congress are preparing to do what any beleaguered army does: head for the hills and leave booby-traps behind. The bigger the margin Republicans pile up next Tuesday, the less likely it is that the Democrats will be able to – or […]

Politico Has Concerns About Rally To Restore Sanity For Some Reason

Yesterday, we noted Ryan Kearney’s able takedown of the handful of self-proclaimed cultural critics who’ve had themselves a round of the piss-and-moan blues over the Rally To Restore Sanity. At that time, I should have predicted that Politico would try to wade into those waters, because reliably, here they are today, doing something Politicoey with […]

Meg Whitman Blankets Airwaves In Final Week Of Campaign

PASADENA, Calif. — It’s hard to turn off Meg Whitman. The most expensive campaign for governor in U.S. history – about $162 million and counting – is inundating California voters with an unprecedented array of TV and radio ads, glossy magazines, smartphone messages, Facebook videos, postcards and phone calls that will test how far a […]

Rare earths issue likely topic U.S.-China meetings

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Chinese dominance of rare earth supplies and trade in the high-tech ores are likely to come up in U.S. President Barack Obama’s or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s upcoming meetings with Chinese leaders, a top White House Asia adviser said on Thursday. Read the full story from Reuters