Robert Reich: The Real Center of American Politics: A Reflection on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

The true center of American politics isn’t found where most of us agree. We fiercely disagree. That’s not a problem. Democracy assumes disagreement. The true center is about how we resolve those disagreements. Most of us believe we should work them out respectfully. We don’t believe in winning political arguments through bullying, name-calling, lying, intimidating, […]

David Paul: The Problem is Not Jon Stewart

In a fit of self-importance–or perhaps it is despair–the media has pounced on Jon Stewart for stepping out of the studio and into the public square. Some veil their criticism as concern for Stewart’s career. Others savage him for crossing the line between news and entertainment. Horror! Like some rendition of Brigadoon, one has to […]

Obama Chicago Rally: ‘I Need You To Keep On Believing’

CHICAGO — Schoolteacher Jamie Worsek headed to President Barack Obama’s get-out-the-vote rally on Saturday, but it wasn’t because she’s enthusiastic about casting a ballot on Election Day. “I’ve actually never been less excited to vote in my entire life. I think all the candidates are awful. I’ll do it because it’s like my basic patriotic […]

David Brock: Sarah Palin: Release the Tapes

This morning on Fox News Sunday Sarah Palinechoed Andrew Breitbart’s discredited BigJournalism site in making serious accusations against CBS affiliate reports in Alaska. PALIN: As for Joe Miller, the things that this fellow has had to put up with up against the GOP machine and the Democrats and the liberal media in Alaska, it’s no […]

Paula Gordon: Choose a Direction

We can contine to rebuild America; or, we can slide into permanent peonage, hostages to greed. “Vision without action is a pipedream,” a neighbor’s bumper declares. Is the American people’s vision of a more just society … just a pipedream? I say, “No!” We MADE that happen. Is our massive 2008 electoral rejection of Republi-Corp’s […]

Ted Sorensen DEAD: John F. Kennedy Speechwriter, Obama Supporter, Dies At 82

NEW YORK — Theodore C. Sorensen, the studious, star-struck aide and alter ego to President John F. Kennedy whose crisp, poetic turns of phrase helped idealize and immortalize a tragically brief administration, died Sunday. He was 82. He died at noon at Manhattan’s New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center from complications of a stroke, […]

Will The GOP Win Control Of The Senate In The Midterm Elections?

WASHINGTON — Democrats’ Senate majority faces a midterm shrinkage Tuesday, a further complication for President Barack Obama’s agenda, even if Republicans fall short of seizing control of the 100-member chamber. Republicans must pick up 10 seats to regain the majority they lost four years ago. Analysts in both parties consider that a tough task. The […]