U.S. says won’t solve China currency issue at Seoul G20

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States said on Monday it does not foresee China bowing to pressure over its yuan currency during a Group of 20 summit in Seoul, playing down expectations for major progress on global economic imbalances. Read the full story from Reuters

White House seeks South Korea trade deal before Seoul meet

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Negotiators will put “maximum effort” toward resolving objections in the Congress to a U.S.-South Korean free-trade agreement by the time President Barack Obama goes to Seoul on November 10, an administration official said on Monday. Read the full story from Reuters

Energy races to watch

Federal and state energy policies will hinge on which lawmakers win seats in D.C. and nationwide. Read the full story from Politico

Voter fraud hysteria

Opinion: The “anything goes” political atmosphere should not be allowed into the polling booth. Read the full story from Politico