Rand Paul: I’m A ‘Fan’ Of Divided Government

In an interview with “Washington Unplugged,” this Republican from Kentucky says he looks forward to working with a House controlled by his party and a Democratic White House and Senate, calling himself a “fan” of divided government. From The Huffington Post

Lee Brenner: VIDEO: Rangel Left Own Ethics Hearing To Film LeBron "Rise" Parody?

Co-authored by the HyperVocal.com Politics team. Earlier today the entire political spectrum came together to share a post-partisan laugh at Rep. Charlie Rangel’s rather abrupt exit from his Congressional ethics hearing. Rangel stood, made a short speech declaring he wouldn’t take part in the proceedings, and bolted for the door. We asked you where Rangel […]

Lama Surya Das: Who Decides Who Decides?

Watching the recent election results, I’ve certainly noticed that the pendulum of public opinion seems to swing back and forth in much shorter cycles than it used to — just like in so many other areas of life in this hurried age. A single party used to control the House or Senate for decades, as […]

Lisa Murkowski: Sarah Palin Lacks ‘Leadership Qualities’ & ‘Intellectual Curiosity’ To Be President (VIDEO)

Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she doesn’t think Sarah Palin has the leadership qualities to be president, nor the “intellectual curiosity” needed to make good policy. Murkowski shared her take on the matter during an appearance on Monday’s edition of “CBS Evening News” with Katie Couric. “I just do not think that she has […]

Arianna Huffington: The Split-Screen Struggle Over Gay Rights

Protesters chaining themselves to the White House gate today, objecting to what they called the “silent homophobia of those who purport to be our friends and do nothing,” capped a tumultuous few days in the fight to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — and the larger fight for equality. There was the one step forward […]

Harvey Wasserman: America’s Eggshell Nukes

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has made it clear that America’s 104 licensed atomic power reactors are not accidents waiting to happen. They are accidents in progress. And proposals to build a “new generation” of reactors are not mere scams. They comprise a predictable plan for permanent national bankruptcy. On November 10, the USNRC delivered […]

Haley Barbour Punts On 2012

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour says he’s not setting any “artificial deadline” to decide whether he’ll run for president in 2012. Barbour has deflected questions for months by saying that as chairman of the Republican Governors Association he has been focused on getting his party’s candidates elected. With the Nov. 2 elections over, […]

Steve Kirsch: What I Learned at the MoveOn "Potluck for Progress"

MoveOn held about 600 “Potluck for Progress” meetings all around the country yesterday. I attended one in Mountain View, CA. Here’s what I learned: Nobody was happy with the results that Obama has achieved — e.g., the economy, the wars, global warming, etc. MoveOn’s goal should be to ensure that we have a government of […]

Chris Weigant: Tea Party Republicans Win Earmark Fight

Republicans in Congress are going to be interesting to watch for the next two years, as they try to cope with the influx of the Tea Party Republicans who have just been elected to office. Some of these skirmishes are happening already, as both parties prepare to hold their official party caucus meetings this week, […]

Robert Naiman: Will "Free Trade" Save Obama in 2012?

According to the editors of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times, with Republicans taking over the House, and measured unemployment at 9.6%, now is the time for President Obama to “show leadership” by pushing for (so-called) “free trade agreements” negotiated by former President George W. Bush. (Democrats “show leadership” […]