Bush Tax Cuts’ Future Up To Obama

WASHINGTON — Will Congress extend the Bush tax cuts into 2011 in the weeks after Tuesday’s election or let the automatic increase start cutting into most people’s paychecks early next year? It’s really pretty much up to President Barack Obama. Despite the punishment his fellow Democrats are expected to take from voters, Obama has shown […]

Some good news for Obama from Israel "Tea Party"

TEL AVIV (Reuters) – A “Say No to Obama” event in Israel drew only 100 supporters on Sunday to the launch of an Israeli version of the Tea Party movement that is challenging the U.S. President in Tuesday’s mid-term elections. Read the full story from Reuters

PA-Sen: 48% Toomey (R), 44% Sestak (D) (Muhlenberg 10/31)

PA-Sen: 48% Toomey (R), 44% Sestak (D) (Muhlenberg 10/31) Muhlenberg College / Morning Call 10/28-31/10; 474 likely voters, 4.5% margin of error Mode: Live phone interview (Muhlenberg PDF) Pennsylvania 2010 Senate 48% Toomey (R), 44% Sestak (D) (chart) 2010 Governor 49% Corbett (R), 42% Onorato (D) (chart) Jump to comments From The Huffington Post

Ben Brandzel: Rally to Restore Satyagraha?

Wandering around the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear yesterday, I kept asking myself, “what exactly are we doing here?” In part, I literally couldn’t hear anything from the stage (and I’m still not sure what was going on there). But mostly, it was because so many of the homemade signs around me told a […]

Marjorie Cohn: Let’s Rally to Restore Peace

In their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert effectively demonstrated how the media hypes fear. They brought out Kareem Abdul Jabbar to show that not all Muslims are terrorists. A couple of musical numbers dealt with the wars we are fighting. But neither Stewart nor Colbert mentioned Iraq or Afghanistan […]