Donald Craig Mitchell: Daddy’s Girl Versus Sarah’s Boy: Alaskans Who Are Alaska Patriots Should Vote for Lisa, Alaskans Who Are National Patriots Should Vote Her Down

As every aging mousekeeter knows, on the Mickey Mouse Club one day a week was Anything Can Happen Day. Insofar as the contest between Joe Miller, Lisa Murkowski, and Scott McAdams for election to the United States Senate is concerned, this Tuesday is Anything Can Happen Day in Alaska. Because two days out the outcome […]

Ron Christie: Democrats’ Chickens Coming Home to Roost

In the glow surrounding Barack Obama’s election to become the 44th President of the United States, strategist James Carville boasted that that the Democrats would be the majority party in government for a generation. Less than two years later, Democrats appear all but likely to lose control of the House of Representatives and suffer significant […]

Some good news for Obama from Israel "Tea Party"

TEL AVIV (Reuters) – A “Say No to Obama” event in Israel drew only 100 supporters on Sunday to the launch of an Israeli version of the Tea Party movement that is challenging the U.S. President in Tuesday’s mid-term elections. Read the full story from Reuters

UT-Sen: 57% Lee (R), 30% Granato (D) (Deseret News 10/25-28)

Dan Jones and Associates for the Deseret News 10/25-28/10; 1,206 likely voters, 3% margin of error Mode: Live telephone interviews Dan Jones release Utah 2010 Governor 63% Herbert (R), 29% Corroon (D) (chart) 2010 Senate 57% Lee (R), 30% Granato (D) (chart) Jump to comments From The Huffington Post

Byron Williams: Was visit to Dover just a Photo-Op after all?

Dear President Obama: I realize the timing of this letter may not be the best. You’ve been preoccupied with the midterm elections. But the anniversary since your visit to Dover Air Force Base to meet fallen soldiers as they returned home recently passed and I simply would like to inquire whether you have any plans […]