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House looks at stopgap spending bill

  Republicans controlling the House are moving quickly to pass stopgap legislation to avoid a partial shutdown of the government when temporary funding runs out Friday. Tuesday’s measure would keep the government running for two weeks to buy time for the Republican House, the Democratic Senate and the Obama White House to try to reach agreement on longer-term legislation to fund the government through the end of the budget year. It’s a relatively mild volley in a party-defining spending battle that promises to go on for months or years. Republicans want to slash a whopping $60 billion-plus from agency budgets
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Wisconsin governor gives Democrats ultimatum

MADISON, Wisc. (Reuters) – Republican Governor Scott Walker on Monday gave absent Democratic lawmakers an ultimatum to return to Wisconsin within 24 hours and vote on a proposal to reduce the power of public sector unions or have the state would miss out on a huge debt restructuring. Read the full story.
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