Sam Isaac Edwards: PIS_ AND VINEGAR

(I omitted the last “S” because I know how delicate we all are) Okay, we’re mad already, they’re mad at us, we’re mad at them for being mad at us, and the rest of the country is mad at both of us for being mad at each other. So where does all this anger get […]

Garry South: Where Is the Media’s Record on Fiorina at Hewlett Packard?

Has the mainstream media gone flaccid — or MIA — in vetting candidates, particularly first-time candidates with no public record? There is perhaps no better example of today’s emaciated political press corps than the basically free ride Carly Fiorina, a corporate honcho who claims she worked wonders at her last company, Hewlett Packard, has been […]

Chris Weigant: Republican House Musings

I hate to say it, but we all might have to get used to saying “Speaker Boehner” pretty soon. But what is this going to mean — for Republicans, for Democrats, for President Barack Obama, and for the country at large? At this point, these questions are worth examination, because while Democrats may yet avert […]

Gene Karpinski: Defeat Proposition 23

With corporate polluters having successfully blocked comprehensive energy and climate legislation in the U.S. Senate, it is more important than ever that we beat back this deceptive effort funded by Texas oil companies to kill California’s clean energy economy. We consider Proposition 23 the most important race in the country and have made defeating this […]

Carl Pope: The Strangest Campaign Gifts of 2010

Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing from special interests to candidates, for what are usually pretty obvious reasons. Why would the coal industry support Rand Paul for the Senate in Kentucky? Why would Paul want their money? No mystery there. But there are a few gifts that raised my eyebrows. BP, one might think, […]

Senate: The Daily 10

Colorado’s Senate race is the most competitive with both Michael Bennet and Ken Buck polling at 47%. Read the full story from Politico