Terry Smith: Dysfunctional Democracy: U.S. Senate Will Now Have Zero African Americans

Prognosticators had long ago called the outcome of Tuesday’s elections: A tea-party-infused mass rejection of the Democrats. There is, however, one outcome that was even more certain and that should be considered more troubling for our democracy than the ordinary midterm shifts of voters’ partisan preferences. With the departure of Roland Burris, who was appointed […]

Robert Reich: Why Obama Should Learn the Lesson of 1936, not 1996

Which lesson will the president learn from the midterm election — that of Clinton in 1996, or FDR in 1936? The choice will determine his strategy over the next two years. Hopefully, he’ll find 1936 more relevant. Obama shouldn’t be fooled into thinking Bill Clinton was reelected in 1996 because he moved to the center. […]

Rob Portman Defeats Lee Fisher In Ohio Senate Race

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A veteran of George W. Bush’s White House has kept Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat in the hands of the GOP. Republican Rob Portman coasted to an easy victory Tuesday over Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher in a race that Democrats gave up on months ago. Portman brushed aside criticism over close […]

Bush Considered Dropping Cheney From 2004 Ticket

The New York Times reports that former President George W. Bush reveals in his upcoming memoirs that he considered dropping Vice President Dick Cheney from the presidential ticket for the 2004 elections. The paper obtained an early copy of Bush’s book “Decision Points,” which is not slated to be released until Nov. 9. Times reporter […]

Republican Rand Paul wins Kentucky Senate seat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican Rand Paul, a favorite among the conservative Tea Party movement, won a Senate seat in Kentucky on Tuesday over Democrat Jack Conway, NBC and CNN projected. Read the full story from Reuters