Aaron Greenspan: Just Say No To X-Rays

In late August, I flew back to my home on the west coast on a Southwest Airlines flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport. Before boarding, I encountered a backscatter X-ray scatter at the security checkpoint for the very first time. Luckily, there was no one behind me, so I asked the TSA agent nearby to […]

Senior Federal Judge Pleads Guilty To 2 Drug Charges In Shocking Case

ATLANTA — A veteran federal judge who was arrested on charges that he bought and used drugs with a stripper pleaded guilty Friday to two-drug related charges, including a felony count of giving her cocaine even though he knew she was a convicted felon. U.S. Senior Judge Jack T. Camp pleaded guilty to the felony […]

Art Levine: Labor Pushing Backbone Implant for Wavering Dems on Taxes, Social Security, Deficits

The White House and Democrats have been sending mixed signals (at best) on whether they’re willing to fight against extending tax cuts for the rich and, except for some House Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appear to be blandly accepting the draconian principles of Obama’s deficit commission: lowered taxes for the rich, more pain for […]

Obama Says NATO Leaders Back Him On Nuke Treaty

LISBON, Portugal — President Barack Obama said he got a clear message from NATO leaders Friday on the stalled nuclear treaty with Russia: It would strengthen alliances and increase European security. Obama is in Lisbon for a NATO summit while back home his administration is working overtime to rescue the START weapons deal, which hit […]

Kenneth Roth: Post Ghailani Verdict, Federal Trials Still Make Sense

Many critics have pounced on the recent verdict against Ahmed Ghailani as a blow to the Obama administration’s plans to prosecute the 9/11 defendants in civilian court. They have it wrong. The facts show that the administration is on the right track. Ghailani was the first former Guantanamo detainee to be tried in civilian court. […]

Fact-Checking The Nuclear-Arms Treaty Debate

WASHINGTON — In their showdown over an arms-control treaty with Russia, Democrats and Republicans are charging each other with undermining national security. Who’s right? The Obama administration is pushing for a vote this year on the treaty, known as New START; Republicans want a delay until a new Congress convenes in January. A closer look […]

ADVANCE EXCERPTS: Sarah Palin Hits Obama In New Book

In her newest book, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sharply criticizes the record of President Barack Obama while defending her own, in the process offering an unapologetic vision of conservative politics that strongly suggests a forthcoming presidential run. “America by Heart,” which will be officially released on Tuesday (The Huffington Post obtained an advanced copy), […]