Naomi Cahn: The Womancession

After the crash, the downturn was dubbed a “mancession.” As the meme continues to circulate, the Roosevelt Institute’s New Deal 2.0 blog asked leading thinkers to help sort fact from fiction. Are men suffering more than women in a weak economy? Is Washington doing enough to address female unemployment? How do we ensure a jobs […]

Bill Brady Slammed In Spoof Video By Illinois Education Association (VIDEO)

The Illinois Education Association has been campaigning against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady for months, saying that he will slash the state’s education budget and layoff teachers. On Monday, the IEA posted a new video on YouTube that paints Brady as the “Phantom of Illinois” and urges voters to spread the word about his education […]

Ken Blackwell: More Respect for the President, Please!

President Barack Obama began his term with the highest of accolades in the press. Hardball host Chris Matthews felt a tingle go up and down his leg whenever Obama speaks. Newsweek’s Evan Thomas said he hovered over the nations, like “a sort of god.” All too soon, however, the President came crashing down, like Icarus […]