Obama sees end to Afghan combat mission by the end of 2014

LISBON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said for the first time on Saturday his goal was to end the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and to significantly reduce the number of U.S. troops deployed there by then. Read the full story

Nuclear treaty failure could hit U.S.-Russia ties: Gates

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned on Saturday that failure to ratify the New START nuclear treaty would have “significant consequences” and could affect U.S.-Russian cooperation on issues like Iran’s nuclear program and the Afghanistan war. Read the full story

Jonathan Ellerby: Politics, Change, and YOU–Where do you stand?

The political landscape is changing by the minute in America but one thing remains steady and growing: the endless cycles of blaming, complaining and name-calling. As a parent, if I saw children on the playground behaving as our politicians do in the media, I would be deeply disappointed and would address the behavior as unacceptable. […]

GOP Senator Off The Hook After $96,000 Paid To Mistress

WASHINGTON — The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint against Sen. John Ensign over a $96,000 payment his parents made to his former mistress and her family. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a campaign finance watchdog group, announced Friday that the commission had dismissed its complaint against Ensign, his parents, his campaign […]

Smokescreen: Ban on pork is anything but

Smokescreen: Ban on pork is anything but

Despite their claims, the Republicans’ ban on earmarks won’t stop lawmakers from steering taxpayers’ dollars to pet projects. And it will have little if any effect on Washington’s far graver problem — the gigantic budget deficit. Saying Election Day victories gave them a mandate to curb spending, Republicans formally agreed last week to a two-year […]