New Hampshire election results 2010: Ayotte, Hodes, Shea-Porter, Kuster

Popular GOP Sen. Judd Gregg is retiring, but his chosen successor, Kelly Ayotte, struggled to beat a conservative primary challenger. Yet she became one of the few establishment Republicans to survive a bruising first round and has held a solid lead in the general election over Democratic Rep. Pa… Read the full story from The […]

Montana Election 2010

Montana features only one race this cycle, the reelction bid of Republican Denny Rehlberg. Read the full story from The Washington Post”

Craig Crawford: Mall Commercials

Now that TV stars of the right and left have had their way on the National Mall, let’s rethink this. Followers of Glenn Beck or Jon Stewart enjoyed reveling in their political messages, but there’s no escaping that it also served the commercial interest of their television networks. Indeed, you have to wonder if that […]

DeLay money laundering trial gets underway

AUSTIN – Tom DeLay took part in a scheme to illegally channel corporate money into Texas legislative races to strengthen his power and influence, prosecutors said Monday in opening statements of the former House majority leader’s money laundering trial. Read the full story from The Washington Post”

Rhode Island election results 2010: Caprio vs. Chafee vs. Robitaille

The governor’s race in Rhode Island got a late-breaking dose of color in October, when Democrat Frank Caprio, the state’s general treasurer, suggested President Obama could “shove it” because he declined to endorse Caprio. Obama withheld his backing as a courtesy to Lincoln Chafee, the former Rep… Read the full story from The Washington Post”

Carl Paladino Walks Off Live Interview (VIDEO)

Tea Party-backed GOP candidate for New York Governor Carl Paladino doesn’t take guff from anybody. Just ask Kristin Carlson, a reporter for WCAX in northern New York and Vermont who was recently left to interview a blank frame for asking him the wrong question. Carlson, a three-time Edward R. Murrow Award recipient according to her […]

Maine election results 2010: Mitchell vs. LePage vs. Cutler

Maine’s independent-minded spirit is alive and well in this year’s three-way race to succeed term-limited Democratic Gov. John Baldacci. Waterville Mayor Paul LePage, a tea party favorite who won a seven-way GOP primary, has held a slim lead over Democratic state Senate President Libby Mitchell. … Read the full story from The Washington Post”