Howard Schweber: We the People Have Spoken

And our message is … um … First, a little background. There was a Rasumssen survey conducted about 10 days ago that showed that voters overwhelmingly believe – by an 81% to 10% margin – that most members of Congress are more interested in helping their own careers than in helping people. 44% say most […]

Youth Comprised 9 Percent Of Voters In Midterm Elections

Nine percent of voting age youth headed to the polls yesterday, down from 18 percent in 2008, CBS reports. 58 percent of voters age 18 to 29 went for Democratic candidates. According to the Washington Square News, NYU’s student paper, many students still support Obama but some felt their vote didn’t matter in this election. […]

Sarah Palin Grapples With Gillespie, Says Calls For GOP Caution Are ‘Out Of Touch’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin urged Republicans to throw caution to the wind in the aftermath of Tuesday’s midterm elections, calling GOP strategist Ed Gillespie’s suggestion that party leaders take a “serious” and careful approach to their likely new mandate “out of touch.” On Tuesday morning, Gillespie advised Republicans not to pursue exhaustive initiatives such as a complete […]

Republicans capture House, gain in Senate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama faced a bleak political landscape on Wednesday after voters punished Democrats over high unemployment and a sluggish economic recovery, delivering a divided Congress in Tuesday’s midterm elections. Read the full story from Reuters

Sen. Harry Reid says willing to tweak healthcare law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday said he was willing to make tweaks to the landmark healthcare reform law enacted earlier this year over united Republican opposition. Read the full story from Reuters

Clinton warns of "resource curse" in Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY (Reuters) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday offered to help Papua New Guinea create a sovereign wealth fund to manage its resource revenue and avoid a “resource curse” which could fuel conflict and corruption. Read the full story from Reuters