Bill Barol: Ted Sorensen, behind the scenes

I never met Ted Sorensen, who was an all-purpose Kennedy insider but most celebrated for being JFK’s principal speechwriter. But one had a sense that with Sorensen — unlike a later generation of political aides who cultivated public selves to feed the 24-hour news cycle — what you saw was pretty much what you got: […]

Douglas S. Massey: Segregation: The Invisible Elephant in the Foreclosure Debate

The foreclosure mess just will not go away. Neither will incomplete if not misleading explanations for the crisis, or partial if not ineffective policy proposals. More than 10 million families will lose their homes to foreclosure before the housing market “clears” according to Credit Suisse. Meanwhile, as with the subprime and predatory lending bubbles that […]

Arizona Immigration Law May Be Partially Struck Down, Appeals Court Hints

SAN FRANCISCO — Arizona’s immigration law faced tough scrutiny from a federal appeals panel Monday as the state’s governor appeared in person to support the controversial provision on the day before the election in which she’s seeking her first full term. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals signaled it was ready to toss out […]

Lockheed F-35 faces more delays, cost hikes: sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Lockheed Martin Corp’s new F-35 fighter jet may be delayed by up to three years and its development cost could increase by up to $5 billion, sources familiar with the program said on Monday. Read the full story from Reuters