Chip Berlet: The Tea Party Republicans’ Malek Problem

Fred V. Malek, is a key political strategist for the American Action Network which just spent some $7 million to unseat Congressional Democrats with votes from the Tea Partiers. Malek is in the midst of a renewed controversy stemming from an incident in 1988. Malek resigned his post at the Republican National Committee in September […]

Robert K. Lifton: Democrats’ Loss May Be Obama’s Re-Election Gain

With the interim Congressional elections and the attendant enormous media attention over, the political pundits will now turn their focus to the Presidential elections two years from now. Republicans have captured around 58 seats in the House, giving them majority control and about six seats in the Senate, leaving the Democrats with a very small […]

Alaska Senate Race Saga Continues: Lisa Murkowski & Joe Miller Set For Another Showdown

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Alaska Senate race was headed for another nailbiter in the rematch between write-in candidate Sen. Lisa Murkowski and tea party favorite Joe Miller as supporters from both sides prepared Wednesday for a potentially prolonged ballot count. Write-in ballots held the lead in the hotly contested three-person race late Tuesday, a potentially […]

Billy Wimsatt: Youth Vote Against Republican Tsunami by 19 Points

National exit polls of more than 17,000 voters show a remarkable trend: Adults age 18-29 voted against the Republican Tsunami by 16 points (56-40). Younger adults age 18-24 were even more progressive, voting against Republicans by 19 points (58-39). The exit polls, conducted by Edison Research in association with AP and CNN found that: 18-29-year-olds […]

AFL-CIO President Trumka: ‘We Did Our Job’ In 2010

At various junctures during the 2010 cycle, the lack of enthusiasm among labor organizations and, more specifically, union workers, appeared like it would seriously hamper the Democratic Party’s chances. Labor itself fed the notion, cognizant that lawmakers would be more attentive to their needs if their political help wasn’t taken for granted. Well, unions didn’t […]

Pat Quinn Winning By Thin Margin In Illinois Governor Race

CHICAGO — Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn clung to an extremely thin margin over Republican challenger Bill Brady early Wednesday as voters in the state and around the country tossed Democrats out of office in a GOP wave. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Quinn and the state senator from Bloomington both had 46 percent. Quinn’s […]

Keli Goff: The 5 Women Who Mattered in the Midterms

If the 1992 election was “The Year of the Woman,” then 2010 may well be dubbed the year of the Mama Grizzly. But a look at the nationwide results from the 2010 midterms show a much more complex picture. There were Mama Grizzlies who roared, and others who got bit and sent back into hibernation. […]

Howard Schweber: We the People Have Spoken

And our message is … um … First, a little background. There was a Rasumssen survey conducted about 10 days ago that showed that voters overwhelmingly believe – by an 81% to 10% margin – that most members of Congress are more interested in helping their own careers than in helping people. 44% say most […]

Youth Comprised 9 Percent Of Voters In Midterm Elections

Nine percent of voting age youth headed to the polls yesterday, down from 18 percent in 2008, CBS reports. 58 percent of voters age 18 to 29 went for Democratic candidates. According to the Washington Square News, NYU’s student paper, many students still support Obama but some felt their vote didn’t matter in this election. […]

Sarah Palin Grapples With Gillespie, Says Calls For GOP Caution Are ‘Out Of Touch’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin urged Republicans to throw caution to the wind in the aftermath of Tuesday’s midterm elections, calling GOP strategist Ed Gillespie’s suggestion that party leaders take a “serious” and careful approach to their likely new mandate “out of touch.” On Tuesday morning, Gillespie advised Republicans not to pursue exhaustive initiatives such as a complete […]