Recounts Loom For Tight Races

The outcome of a handful of close Senate races might not be known on election night–or even soon after–which could leave control of the chamber unclear for weeks. Contests that will help determine whether Democrats maintain their majority–including those in Colorado, Illinois, Nevada and Washington–remain tight heading into Election Day. A margin of a few […]

Democratic power at risk

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After a long and bitter campaign, Americans cast their votes on Tuesday in elections that could sweep Democrats from power in Congress and slam the brakes on President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda. Read the full story from Reuters

Clinton calls for fair trial for Malaysia’s Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Tuesday for Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to get a fair trial but carefully sought to avoid offending the Malaysian government. Read the full story from Reuters

A national referendum on Obama and Democratic Congress

A national referendum on Obama and Democratic Congress

The Democratic Congress that enacted President Barack Obama‘s far-reaching health care law and plowed staggering sums into economic relief is at risk Tuesday in an election that promises to shake up the political order across the nation. Republicans buoyantly forecast a new era of divided government, two years after Democrats sealed victory in the presidency, […]

China decries any U.S. involvement in Japan dispute

BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Tuesday denounced U.S. efforts to help in improving relations between Beijing and Tokyo which have been poisoned by a spat over a group of disputed islands, saying the argument was strictly bilateral. Read the full story from Reuters

Trends to watch after the polls close

Trends to watch after the polls close

How early will America know if it’s a Republican romp or if Democrats somehow minimized their damage? There should be plenty of clues Tuesday evening — and long before bedtime. Final results in some states might not be known for days. But trends could be evident from the Midwest and South — especially from Indiana, […]