Back home in Ohio, split opinions on Boehner’s value as House Speaker

Back home in Ohio, split opinions on Boehner’s value as House Speaker

As Republican John Boehner gets closer to the prize of U.S. House speaker, not everyone back home is convinced about the value of a new pinnacle for the local guy who’s been winning elections for three decades. Boehner’s long-standing support in his western Ohio district allows the House minority leader to spend time away, campaigning […]

Tea Party-backed Republicans spur party switches

NEW YORK (Reuters) – For lifelong Republican Joe Errigo, deciding to cross party lines and support a liberal Democrat for New York governor wasn’t nearly as difficult as one might expect. Read the full story from Reuters

Mark Green: Stemming the Tide of Secret Corporate Money

Mark Green Until now the dominant narrative this mid-term election year was that slow growth and high unemployment was sinking the party in power. But other numbers are now showing a new fault-line for 2010, 2012 and beyond. Outside special interest spending will equal or exceed spending by candidates themselves or party organizations in many […]

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Positioning Themselves For 2012

WASHINGTON — Get ready for the big tease. Republicans positioning for a possible presidential run are, to varying degrees, courting donors, testing messages and plotting strategies. They’re visiting early primary states, wooing key activists and, all the while, stirring interest as they gauge whether to launch full-fledged campaigns. “We can see 2012 from our house,” […]